RE: CRAIGSLIST POST, “trump’s war with US vets”

Re: “trump’s war with US vets”

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Isn’t it amazing how dem/lib facts are not facts? It is one of a number of tactics liars use create fake credibility. Sometimes these statements are near impossible, bold, if you will, to provide a shock. Liars’ statements are never backed and are pressed with an ensuing narrative as if the original statement were true. All that follows is attached to a fabrication, and what follows sometimes seem logical until one dissects the original statement.

Liars then use the accepted conclusions to “prove” the original fabrication truthful or fact.

Bolshevik-dick has done it again. He/she/it wrote, “The facts about Trump’s support of the military and Veterans:”

State the facts and win the case: a simple postulate for successful trial attorneys, and something this country is built upon. We, Americans, in this Constitutional Republic, self-governed by individual Bill of Rights, do not convict on hearsay, rumor, or fabrication. Facts are everything and the only thing to prove guilt. It is an impossibility to prove innocence, and we, judicially  and  neighborly, do not require proof of innocence. That flawed ideology is bolshevik, marxist, communist, tyrannical. It is totalitarian no matter what it is called.

A fact that someone may have offered an opinion of something another said or did, is not a fact. It is not witnessing. It is discarded in court, and in American tradition and public opinion: except where tyranny tries to flip-flop justice and truth.

Marxists, bolsheviks, progressives, the backers of the democrat party and some republicans, are trying to claim facts are lies while their empty claims are fact. This twist is dead wrong and dead wrong in American traditions, and legal equalities. It is dead wrong when we talk of and defend our rights and the rights of our neighbors and fellow citizens. This is America. We respect the flag because we respect our fellow citizens that the flag represents. 

Bolshevik-dick made numerous claims and backed nothing. A fact is not a fact until proven or shown correct. And therein is an apparent flaw, however, fact and truth can be, and must be scrutinized. The lie is in the propagating of untruth based on assumption. It is a trick tyranny of all sorts makes, relying on the ignorance and blind faith of fools. Tyranny, the dementocratic, left-wing fanaticism fabrication machine, relies on your inability, laziness or blind trust and faith to misdirect you from seeking fact and truth.

Every single one of dick’s claims is a lie or fabrication, or a pretense built upon another lie.

Where is this so-called war on US vets? It would seem that a war has battles and winners and losers of battles. How many battles, or attacks has President Trump made on US vets? None? Maybe bolshevik-dick can reference one attack that is not a fabrication.

You see, dick made a claim that it is a fact that president Trump said something about vets of WWII. Scores, literally scores of witnesses have refuted that claim, and one person, in a court of law or in American traditions’ court of public opinion and justice before the law,  does not over-power or supersede the testimonies of scores. In fact, if dick even tried to claim Woodward was correct and only two refuted, then the two outweighs the one, and we all accept the one, Woodward, as either mistaken or a liar. In fact we presume even Woodward’s innocence, believing he may be wrong as opposed to being a lying piece of rat feces.

But bolshevik-dick is a full-fledged liar, a fabricator of hatred for our traditions. OUR American traditions are OUR laws and justice. Our traditions derive from our self-governing system or representation and equality before the law. Justice and rights are our traditions. This is the American culture and this is why American culture is under attack.

The progressives, bolsheviks and marxists in reality, know that our freedoms and rights are the American culture. They know that if they destroy the culture the rights and freedoms, and guarantees from totalitarianism, no matter the name, will be lost from the world.

We, Americans know we have a back-up, “our day in court” because equality before the law is guaranteed. This seemingly insignificant cliché is foundational to freedom and equality before the law. We can be judged by our peers as opposed to being judged by monarchists, tyants’ agents or biased politicians. This is one of many traditions inextricably connected to our system of self-governance and our Bill of Rights. This is only one tradition the bastard bolsheviks are trying to destroy. It could well be the end of American justice and all that the Bill of Rights and this grand Constitutional Republic guarantee.

The progressives behind the scenes, bolsheviks and marxist maniacs, wage this war against our American culture, traditions, and freedoms through their political puppets, the dementocratic party, liberal institutions and the corrupt, banker/gangster controlled media.

The power of Constitutional Republic, married to a guaranteed Bill of Rights, is so stable and forceful, benefits of it as found in the only country on the face of the earth, spill over to other countries. This, too, is what the bolshevik/marxists and dementocrat globalists are trying to destroy.

Everything that follows from dick’s opening “fact” proclamation, is built upon the lie that dick is presenting fact. Everything that follows is erroneous and worthless.

If you, dear democrat/liberal supporter, want this process of equality before the law discarded for someone you irrationally hate, based upon “fact” of liars who lie that facts are factual, then you will get the same treatment because the institution of presumption of hatred replaces presumption of innocence, undermining all cross-sections of American tradition. In essence, you are cutting your own throat.

The attack on American culture is an attack on American tradition which in turn is an attack on freedom and justice for all. Have I backed and explained this well enough for you to begin your own liberation from ignorance? Will you now find and read the Bill of Rights, your rights? Will you further educate yourself beyond doubt and above trickery by reading “The Federalist Papers”?

The expanding totalitarian system is designed to weed out dissenters so that only a small percentage gain from the fruits of their own labors and the seized labors of others, while the vast majority is reduced to slavery. One day you will disagree with something the new rulers will institute, and you will be presumed guilty. It is coming faster than you think.

Bastard politicians such as governor Herbert of Utah, and his cadre of bolshevik agents working together, in shifts and tag-team tactics; execute a compartmentalized bolshevik plan to destroy the middle class economy. They are attacking you, bringing in centralized government, private police forces, to slaughter YOU.

BLM and antifa have been welcomed by bolshevik herbert, wilson, dunn romney, mcAdam, and the other traitors to We, the People.

As I have stated numerous times, war is deception. Those who purposely deceive a nation and population, are waging war. It is time we recognized this and rose to the enemies’ attacks. They are waging war on We, the People. Hang them ALL!

Some citizens will claim civility; that voting the bastard politicians (as opposed to representatives) out of office will work. Liars cheat, cheaters lie, and the two go hand in hand, all part of the deception of war against We, the People.

The election is rigged so that a small part is obvious while the deeply rigged and destructive part goes unnoticed, attention deflected by democrat/liberal deception, distractions and distortion.

We have two obvious governments in America. One is dementocrat party democracy which serves itself. The other is what serves the rest of the We, the People of America: Constitutional Representative Republic.

I will be portrayed as a radical. It has been presented that my words are less than significant because I do not have a radio program, or write for reputable publications, making money selling articles, commentary, op-eds and books. It is suggested that the representative government/process will survive if only we get republicans and conservatives to vote. Pure baloney.

The dementocrats have already won otherwise they would be careful how they present their tyranny to the public. They have been cheating for decades, plying right now, better than ever, war in the form of distraction and deception to hide deep state, democrat/progressive vote counting and vote eliminating mechanisms.

Sure, the talk show hosts can relegate my words and cautions, opinions admittedly, to radicalism or conspiracy theory. Does their theorizing about my opinions research and commentary make them conspiracy theory theorists? Is that better or worse?

It is true. I am radically centered in Constitutional Republic, the balanced middle of left-wing extremism: totalitarianism and right-wing extremism: anarchy. I am extreme a radical centrist: a balanced middle radical.: hardly extreme between two extremes and certainly not radical by definition. I am the most sane and truthful of both sides: never calling the balanced middle conservatives and republicans, by the foolish distortions of the tyrannical left, what the so-clled conservative and republican talk shows and reporters call the right. Constitutional Republic is the balanced middle, and that is my radical conservation.

I am in the war and they are onlookers and wishers only, deceiving themselves from the truth that American factions are waging war on America, and they themselves.

The vote count is done. If “we” have not seen the effects of that in California in 2018, when the democrats “found” ballots that turned every one of six republican-won districts over to dementocrats, then the blind are asking to be blinded further.

I fight right here.

If BLM and/or Antifa comes to my city. I will be in the streets, behind the rabble, watching and waiting. At least one of the marxist murderers-in-training will be taken out with me, if I am taken out of action: my further contribution.

Sophists, afraid to speak the truth, pontificating in their ivory towers behind their gilded microphones, continue to propagate fallacies that the elections, rife with cheating, produce representative results. Idiots or cowards?

John Jay contributed the least to the Federalist Papers because he was injured in a protest, in the streets, risking life and limb.

Jay and Washington are my role models, worthy of emulation, while microphone warriors of pretentious hopes and fancies of fair elections, from the absolutely unfair, are a waste of attention.

America’s heroes, true fighters, are unheralded by todays’s cowering, silver-tongued microphone warriors bleating, ‘get out and vote’.

Vote, yes, vote in a corrupt election scam and hope, beyond hope and reality, for a representative outcome In a democratic illusion.

I wonder where George Washington would be today? Would he be hiding behind a microphone in a studio, telling us the election will change everything, or will he be in the field, fighting, with me? Gorge Washington is the convenient hero of cowards today, truly. The microphone warriors, tough in comfort and praise for words, while We, I, challenge everyone wearing a mask. I have worn a mask 6 times in the six months lockdown. GO TO HELL, liars and cowards, National Governors Association tyranny.

I am still not convinced Trump is of the people. Has anyone heard of dialectic advancement? This marxist tactic can be divided amongst participants.

President Trump, if he is not in cahoots, fails at more than half of his promises (2 miserable justices), and placating republic-oriented and conservative traditionalists, with a good show.

I have stated I am not certain Trump is not part of the good show while marxist bolshevism, eugenics and genocide marches, grows and seizes control. He looks good while marxist tyranny rampages.

Cowards beyond cowardice: talk show and media celebrities, filling their pants when they contemplate telling truth, that we are at war.

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