Romney is
no republican
He is a lying
swamp rat

It is hard to imagine someone could be so bold and dishonest as Romney, lying to all of mormondom and Utah, to sabotage our representative process to replace it with bolshevik globalism.

Yet, we see Romney, that filthy deep state, swamp scum, pretending to be of a republic-oriented nature only to implement democrat-hate policies against OUR president and OUR Constitutional Republic.

It is bad enough that filthy rat continues to lie, every day with every rat-filth comment and claim that comes out of his filthy yap, we have to be reminded by the commandeering of his senate seat that he lied and cheated from the very beginning to acquire it.

What you, my dear fellow American, do not realize is that this is war. War is never accomplished, won or properly engaged and waged without first winning the political campaign.

Why do these rotten, lying, old timer politicians keep running for positions when the monsters should retire? I do know the answers to this but it is for another commentary.

We are at war. Romney, the filth, Herbert, Mendenhall, Hatch, jimmy-boy Matheson and their spouses have all contributed to this attack on We, the People by waging the war on truth.

Hang them all!

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