To police forces and officers in America.

The crap, so to speak, is about to hit the fan. On which side of genocide and humanity will you find yourself?

It is no mystery that police forces have been used for political gains and some police have “gone along” while others resist.

Who has the courage to resist? What makes police officers turn against their fellow citizens, and kill them?

Often it is money, lack of future income. Would anyone with a conscience and love for fellow citizens trade money for a life, or millions of lives.

This is a serious topic. It might seem that I am speaking, writing, of a scenario that surely cannot happen in America; that cannot happen now, that people of authority would never do “that”. Are you certain that, in spite of moves to suppress an economy and destroy our free market, that those in charge have planned to only go this far? Remember, it was a short term cessation. Right here in Utah, moves, by collaborating, seemingly separate people of authority are pressing for more restrictions and continued subduing.

The topic is serious right now because many have seized control of the American population. Do you, officer, know what is next?

Have you studied history to know the procedures for subduing  population and placing it under house arrest, totalitarianism, and genocide? For anyone who would look, the procedure is being followed by Washington right before our eyes.

We, the People can work together to beat this attack on national sovereignty and individual soveregnty.

I have spoken with police officers and they see what is happening. I find it shocking that they are not sure what they will do when the day comes they are ordered, not forced, to commit crimes against We, the People.

Fear of loss, financial and life, motivates those on the fence, the 80 to 90 percent of any civilization, to commit crimes against friends and family. But it does not have to be this way.

An oath is an oath, a rule of law on a personal level. An oath to uphold the Constitution may not have been part of the oath one officers pledged, but it is inherent in the job. In fact the same hah applies to all in this country.

The loyalty to such an oath is loyalty to the country. It is loyalty to people through loyalty to an idea, a common goal of life liberty and prosperity for all.

Will you, officers deny others these rights, liberties and lives or will you succumb to orders to injure others and tyrannize?

This all begins with a decision before hand. Have you thought through your decisions’ results?

Governor herbert has dictated a cessation of economy, financial and social. This economy has numerous tentacles and the complete stifling, shut down and destruction is not accidental. Herbert lied about the covid-19. He is in league with the governors’ association that has been conspiring for decades to seize power. The covid-19, may be real, or it may be a political ruse. Either way a small handful of “people” have stealthily stolen our rights and have no plans to give them back.

The question to you, being in a position of executing authority, evil and destructive or just arresting, will you be a part of evil against your fellow Americans?

Will you participate in “going along with” intentional oppression of masses of people, or will you stand up for your fellow citizens and do what is right?

I have been in a position a number of times where my authority could have been used for personal gain leaving others with loss. I could not and it has cost me dearly, financially and socially, but I am still human.

Will you remain human or succumb to pressure to save yourself a few dollars, maybe a lot of dollars in a job or pension? What is your soul and legacy worth?

Make the decision now to say no to tyranny, no matter how soft and utopian it may seem; no matter how easy it is to go along; no matter how firmly you are ordered; no matter what losses you think you may experience.

Nobody can take your pension from you. If all police officers in one precinct say no and execute nothing in behalf of tyranny, even nice sounding communism or socialism, evil stops. You can be part of the saving of America or you can be part of planned, imposed, and ruthless genocide.

Once you start serving yourself, you are gone on the wrong path and it ultimately leads to your early demise. Consider saying no to unjust order. Where is the fight and who and how many are your assumed enemies?

Considering giving in to order. Who now do you contend with? A country? Do you wish to look over your shoulder? Americans will not accept ruthless tyranny or nice tyranny like other peoples and nations have. Americans fight, and you know it.

You know people who took that first seemingly innocent step to lying, cheating, and then turning on the citizenry. In Uth, Willard (Mitt) Romney took that first step in cowardice, serving himself, thinking he would be okay.His disgusting turning against all republican principles, almost immediately after taking a seat asa republican in the senate, has made thousands of Uthns simply hate his guts. He started with a little bit of an ego problem, then served himself, at the expense of others, and found himself extorted and selling his own soul. Governor Leavitt did the same. He actually gave Steve Young, a show of evil he was ordered to deliver, when he gave Steve Young the “Seven Points of Light” award to Young. Seven points of light os an illuminati ritual that goes back to Ancient Babylon, and child sacrifice. You will not find this information easily but it was a news report in Utah, circa 2000 or 2001.

A little known reality of those returning from military service in other countries. Often we hear of the large numbers of suicide of returning veterans. Much of it is because of things they have done, under orders.

I know of one young woman, ordered to execute violence against a number of Iraqis. She said no. She said she would kill herslef before doing the evil intended against others. I knew of one other young man who returned from Iraq, obviously greatly disturbed. He committed suicide. It took some time but I finally got his parents to trust me and tell me why he took his own life. He did it because of the atrocities he committed against others, under orders.

Be the young woman who came home, had a life and lived free of guilt. She had a family, turned out to be quite a decent wife and mother.

Be on the right side of the fight, for your sake as well as others.

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