Quo bono, who benefits from covid-19? Somebody or somebodies surely will.

Who benefits from increased use of soap, cleansers, hand sanitizer? Did anyone know in advance that the media would fabricate a crisis at a predetermined time, and that certain companies that produce disinfectants and cleansers would have increased stock values? Did that happen? Of course.

Quo bono? Who knew in advance the stock market would drop? Almost all democrat politicians, local democrat politicians, and some republicans associated with establishment, swamp, deep state government; all these and more knew in advance.

Quo bono? Who is buying at stock market lows now? Many super rich have had insider trading gains. Soros (Rothschild), democrats, rinos (republicans in name only), all knew. Romney has gained from insider trading. Is Ben McAdams going to profit?

McAdams, like many other celebrities and politicians do not have covid-19, even though it is publicly reported they do. It is always necessary for officials to be involved in crisis with the common people. It is a fabrication and McAdams will be greatly rewarded. He does not have covid-19.

Quo bono? Are the climate changers benefiting from the deflection from a drastically cold March? Just today, March 29th, the weather forecast cautioned for a storm warning moving west from the midwest region. Very cold temperatures are characteristic of global cooling, not warming. Cold temperatures are characteristic of ice sheets increasing in volume, reducing water and sea levels, in America in the least, if not everywhere,

Utah’s first covid-19 death is not clearly defined. The headline reads, “First COVID-19 Death Reported in Utah”.

Even though the headline clearly identifies it, without doubt, as a COVID-19 death. The headline does not claim it is related, or might be, or that the symptoms were similar. No, the deceptive headline clearly refers to the man’s death as COVID-19. But the text of the article states it is “covid-19 related”. What is the difference and why the deception?

Too bad most people never read the truth in media’s attempts to deceive. Quo bono? Who benefits from the masses’ ignorance? Do the masses of Americans, who blindly trust authority, benefit from not knowing the death was inevitable because the sickly 80 year old man had a long history of related near-death events?

How did the man die? Did an autopsy reveal coronavirus? No. So, in effect the man died of coronavirus-related speculations. Wow, that is one hell of a stretch to add that stumbling, bumbling claim to a short list of COVID-19 deaths.

It was related? How was it related, brother virus to covid-18? The headline was, “First COVID-19 Death Reported in Utah”. Related and “is” are two very different things.

What is a cause-related death? Maybe it was an uncle or aunt of covid-18? The Utah Department of Health has presented a report, dated March 22nd, 2020.

Cause-related, as the report claims, means nothing, purposefully deceiving all who read the article. Let us dissect their claim of “cause-related.

I wonder, considering the science modalities of health, was the covid-19 death a covid-19 caused death or a covid-19 effected death? Do you, dear reader know the relationship of cause and effect, and how it is applied in science and truth?

You see, dear readers, it is a big difference that hospitals know, that hospital CEOs and health officials know; that they refuse to inform, but continue to press the deception.

The voice of authority, political-force authority, was the first to be “heard” in the article. Governor Herbert superseded all scientific talk and correct, honest reporting. He was presented as the moral authority when the news should be about the scientific facts. The article must be written by agents of the comintern.

If, in the case of the 80 year old, sickly, man, it were identified as covid-19 death, due to causes, it would be made known, or reported clearly, that the death was caused by covid-19. Covid-19 was not reported as the cause.

The news reporters and officials skirted the truth by propagating a tactic of political deception, generalization and headline fabrication.

The headline reads, “First COVID-19 Death Reported in Utah.”

The headline boldly states the death was “reported” as covid-19. Is “reported” the same as established? Is “reported” different from confirmed or shown? Is the word “reported” used to represent truthful or factual? The headline is not ambiguous at all. The headline presents no doubt in the least, of inherent ambiguity but the article refutes the headline. Are the modelers, the writers aware of their own contradictions or are they simply reporting the “scientific authorities’ contradictions?.

In short, in spite of the attempt to deceive, the liars presented enough information to read the truth in the lies. The body of the article did not state the death was covid-19 caused. If the “authorities, reporters, and Herert himself did not report the death as a sure covid-19 caused death, then surely it was not. There are quite a few people involved in this purposeful deception. Some people of apparent authority, defending establishment authority, the swamp, might defend this easy to see contradiction, as a conspiracy theory. Great, let it be so. Calling these realities and contradictions a conspiracy theory makes no difference from the fact than many people lied to manipulate you, dear reader.

“Conspiracy theory” is the term those who try to discredit truthful reporting and communicating, use. I did not use that term. But, if it works, great, now we know Herbert, the Department of Health and the media conspired. I would use the word collaborate. Collaborated is clearly a better word because it is not certain the aforementioned “conspiring” entities actually got together and breathed a common goal. Conspire comes from the Latin, conspirare, to breathe together. I state, without confusion, these entities collaborated, to create a fear, in YOU.

Herbert had to be involved as the political authority the voice of the people authority figure. It is just part of the tactic.

Suppose a man was walking down the street and was hit and killed by a car. Was the news report begun with an apology from Governor Herbert? No, this does not happen because people die in this manner on occasion. Would the report be deceptive if the article claimed  the man died of auto related causes? That would be an honest generalization. How credible would the report be if the headline boldly stated the man was killed by auto-related causes? How credible would the report be if the article reported the man was killed by auto-related effects?

If this were to be a political manipulation, the auto death might be reported something like, ‘the man died of similar effects of falling from a 10 story building. Both causes produced broken legs and internal bleeding but only one reported correctly.

The Covid death report offers some truth, but is still a deflected reality. It was not a covid-19 “caused” death. The article did mention, however, that the man tested positive for coronavirus but did not say coronavirus was the “cause”, CAUSE, of his death. If it were, do we think the media would have mentioned it? If they did not mention it, it is because the man, 80 years old, sickly and near death for years, did not die of coronavirus causes. He died, as reported, of coronavirus-related causes, pneumonia.

I saw a picture of the man two years ago, 2018, when he suffered numerous illnesses and pneumonia had almost taken his life then. The picture shows a very sick person.

Quo bono? Who will gain at the right time, when the market increases, to a certain point only, and then drops, so the filthy rich, democrat politicians and corrupt others can profit?

Quo bono? Who profits when toilet paper and other paper products rise in price but nobody increases production?

Quo bono when GM is forced to be stupid, unprofitable, and elevated above other companies? Who profits when toilet paper rises in price due to unforeseen costs of GM being stupid, forced to a stupid position by an insider who has been placed in position to be the paper cut-out opposition?

So, as of March 29th, 2020, one out two deaths falsely attributed to covid-19 are statistics we must question: how many of the other deaths are also fraudulent?

How about another example of the fraud of lying left-wing extremist media propaganda? What is propaganda, by the way?

Propaganda is propagation of misinformation.

March 26th, NBC NEWS reported a cruise ship in Panama had docked because  four people had died. The report claimed there were four deaths aboard such and such a ship, and there were two reported cases of covid-19.

The report was quite clear that in addition to four deaths aboard this vessel there were also two cases of covid-19. The word “and” was the conjunctive operative. The two events are totally and completely unrelated, except for the falser used conjunction, “and”.

There was nothing further regarding the two reported cases. It was left to the listeners to relate 2 unrelated cases of covid-19 to four deaths from something else the establishment media “forgot” to mention.

The report made absolutely no clarification that the deaths were caused by covid-19, nor did the report even make a lame attempt to connect the deaths of four people with two separate cases of covid-19.

Right here in Utah, there are two so-called covid-19 deaths, one is a bogus report of a death unrelated to causes of covid-19, and one other report remains un-critiqued by myself.

This is, without dissecting the report of the other Utah death, at best, a one in two chance truth of covid-19. Adding 2 cases and four deaths aboard the cruise ship, zero of four deaths attributable to covid-19. Do we trust the same establishment media to report truth of thousands of deaths in New York City? Insane is a word that comes to mind.

Upon inspection of other reports will I find consistent ratios, or is it worse, that maybe 1 in 6 will actually be covid-19 caused?

I wonder if Mutt, Romney, Pierre delecto, knows this. I cannot refer to that dog of a liar as anything else.

I wonder if cheat Ben McAdam  knows this?

I wonder if Mike Lee knows this.

I wonder if Governor Herbert, Mayor Mendenhall and other “health” officials know this reality?

I wonder who knows we are being scammed.

Who wrote the article? Who purposely stated the 80 year old man was, “over 60”? What a fraud.

This we all know: people who lie, must lie to cover something. In this case, and it seems all covid-19 fabricated cases, they are lying to create mental pandemic; a pandemic of fear.

Who actually instructed, directed, commanded that certain rhetoric, deceptive propaganda be used to deflect from the reality that covid-19 was not involved? Is the health director so ignorant and dumb he cannot understand cause and effect in health? No, he is dishonest.

In the article no health official is quoted. The article was written without real information. Think about that for a moment. Someone fabricated news, and avoided jargon and knowledge from that particular industry, or government agency, as it is.

Someone placed “NEWS” with propaganda over fact, and governor Herbert is involved, not surprisingly. Does his wife know Herbert is a lying, globalist, oligarchical puppet? Well, paid, he is. Maybe she doesn’t care, like Mutt’s sick wife, Hatch and his life partner dog-in heat.  Jimmy boy mattheson’s wife knew the degree, not just the fact, to which jimmy cheated, and Benny McAdam followed using the same deep-state mechanisms of cheating, and gain. Hang them all! It is treason to We, the People, our lives, our freedoms. Hang them all!


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