Beware, the new treatments and drugs. Are they remedies, treatments?

With no epidemic why is new drug therapy and crazy implementation of quick fixes being applied? Congress, lethal legalization of genocide.

There is no epidemic yet the governments are taking drastic measures, against We, the People.

My guess, like AZT that reacted with chemicals sprayed over NYC and San Francisco, to create AIDS, the fixes for the non epidemic non-existent strain of COVID-19, will make the epidemic.

The media has made the epidemic without epidemic numbers available. What follows will be epidemic numbers sky-rocketing, without the actual affliction.

We are being duped, and it will be the end of America.

Over a year ago, I voiced concerns that President Trump was part of the deep state, subversive second government, even though he claims to be fighting them. He is part of it, unless the crisis ends in one week. With new drugs planned to poison more of America, that crisis may be extended until the end: our end, and the end of a free world.

I must get to work. Especially important right now to make a living, while I can.

Sorry I have no references at the moment.

I taped a top level CIA interview on 60 minutes, somewhere in the range of 1999 to 2001, on VHS. I will have to find it, after I find a VHS player that works.

Fauci was involved in HIV/AIDS response. He failed then, made rash, brach and fear-mongering projections based on models then, and totally failed to do anything, get anything right, except fear. There is still no vaccine for AIDS/HIV. Do you think magically there will be one for covid-19, SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Egyptian crocodile flu, flying underwater  arctic bat flu? Fear, surrender, compliance, subjugation, submission all lead to subjectivity. Fear, extorted and manipulated fear; ignorant fear, makes subjects, not citizens.

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