Nope, not a chance. Not even fake liberal media reported this, or tried to fabricate this. They have been too busy lying about the kangaroo court, no witnesses, in the House of Representatives. Nope, not a shred of time has been spent working on anything for We, the People. However, President Trump submitted a number of bills while the the Senate also did.

What a filthy pig. More lies and hatred for innocence.

This is the bolshevik, marxist, maoist methodology. The liars, cheats, thieves, and potential tyrants and murderers, must flip, in the public mind, innocence for guilt and guilt for innocence.

So, the lying democrats in OUR House of Representatives, spent years trying to impeach and/or remove President Trump. They accused him of two offenses, trotted hearsay, rumor, and soothsayers through the congress, pretending those who witness nothing are somehow, magically, mysteriously witnesses to something. They go nowhere with it, they cannot convict anyway because they are not the justice department, neither are the democrat partisans Senators either. This is the prices of impeachment they totally, awfully, and absolutely missed, but they lie to YOU!

Hearsay and rumor is irrefutably thrown out of court. An attorney that tries to present, before a judge, hearsay and rumor as testimony, is tossed out of court as well.

But the democrats, the swamp, are afraid for their lives. If they get caught for the treasonous activities, spying on candidate Trump, for example, they face serious prosecution and punishment.

They have been lying and cheating Americans for decades and now they are slowly being exposed.

So, no, the Senate did its job with impeachment, did not waste time, and now democrat politicians are trying another deceptive, deceitful, hate-motivated tactic to cover their asses, and refusing to do the will of Americans. Democrats, again, are refusing to represent Americans.

This is all a distraction while they have seized control of the voting mechanisms. Soros, evil evil sick Rothschild in reality, owns numerous automated vote counting terminals. We found out during Clinton’s second term that the “expert” sits at the terminal and automatically counts the votes. Nobody sees anything, nobody knows for sure and nobody has any means of verifying what swamp counting results are.

We would be better off with Ukrainian or Russian involvement in our elections. They are more honest and reliable than democrats. I wish for Ukrainian or Russian involvement in our elections over the demented dishonest, self-serving dementocrats.

The logic and veracity of the claim that Russia is helping an American with an opposing ideology, is just morally and cause-and-effect retarded. Welcome to dem/lib la-la-land.

Publius/liberalnewsreview/thirdoptbybrent: 4,017

Bolshevik-dick, made-you-look/bwahaha: 0, zero, null, nil, zip, kein, nada, ZEEEEEERO.

What a loser!

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