Re: “Staffers resigning…” Which ones? A name?

Re: “Staffers resigning…” Which ones? A name?
A million so-called claims of a million staffers resigning is equal to zero, about the real value of anything a dem/lib claims.
One name is all we ask. Can bolshevik-dick give us one name with a quote, without lying, of course?
No? Providing substance to dem/lib claims has NEVER happened.
People beware, the bolsheviks, global tyranny embedded in the democrat party, will slaughter two thirds of America to rule the other third. They work with the U.N whose outright, bold, bodacious goal is to reduce the world’s population to 500 million. That means that 14 out of every fifteen people have got to be eliminated. Bill Gates and other so-called public personalities are big advocates of global genocide.
The goal is to reduce America to less than 100 million.
Take a look around you. Watch 2 out of every three people you see, be killed, by the bolsheviks, social justice warriors, antifa and other groups of destruction. Beware!
The invading treasonous bolshevik-dick to our board, here, in Boise, is not unusual and the agent provocateur is not a warrior for justice. He/she/it is not a conscientious citizen. He/she/it is not a friend of democracy, representation or fair and decent rule of law. Bolshevik-dick is not a friend to fair treatment for all found in presumption of innocence and innocent until PROVEN guilty. The bolsheviks in America, known as progressives, would do here what they have done in other countries for centuries, presume opposition guilty of political crimes, and murder hundreds of millions.
Bolshevik-dick is one of many agent provocateurs, paid to sow hatred, fear, misinformation and flip reality so the good people of the nation are eliminated and the evil ones rule with impunity.
We are witnessing an increasingly violent and growing body of citizens whipped to near frenzied states to kill. We see it already, everywhere. We have not yet experienced the violence and destruction antifa and the subversive progressives and bolsheviks are trying to create because we are a divided nation. The division, however, is a matter of misinformation by the bolsheviks who rule the subversive entities such as the liberal/communist mainstream media, the CIA, NSA and other fascist/communist agencies. Everything in OUR government and non-governmental ruling bodies has been infiltrated and almost completely commandeered by the subversive, globalist tyrannies. America is close to a fall.
But America has a few aces in our hand and this is what keeps the antifa fascists, and the backward-progressives at bay. These enemies of We, the People; enemies of our governmental self-rule, want violence. They want to be able to send out their “justice “ warriors to kill the decent people of America. They would slaughter millions, right now, if they could.
There is a fire point where civility breaks down. The globalist bolsheviks behind the scenes are pushing countless, funded groups to action, but these groups are cautious, and rightly so. The aces, so to speak, in Americans’ hand are numerous and stronger than the globalist banker/gangsters care.
The globalists; the bolsheviks, communists and fascists (really, all the same) care not if millions of their own soldiers are killed. They have the recruitment system in place and they care as little for their followers, whom they consider useless eaters, as they care for their political enemies: also useless eaters. We re witnessing it every day: so-called social justice warriors committing crime and being allowed to to continue. They commit crime against Americans, and are allowed, helped, watched and aided by certain subversive, police forces and institutions of “justice”
All this is the definition of fascism. Antifa, is fascist.

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