James Tubman can’t be real. No human can be that stupid.

James Tubman can’t be real. No human can be that stupid.
I have received five emails from Tubman starting with three on December 23, 2018.
His/her/its last email, “Tell me how TRUMP is not a crook? Then we will stop posting. [three thumbs down] what are you supporting. Paid hookers lame you be long in getmo with you other buddys”
Holy retardomatic batman, tubman is a moron. Yes, Robin, only one out of three lines constitutes a sentence, and rat-brain cannot spell at a third grade level. Batman where do dem/libs find miscreants and losers like tubman? They dredge them up from sewage treatment plants, put the mess into a human mould and give them a computer. It is a campaign to sow misinformation, hatred and sheer stupidity.
Ok, for real now. Is tubman so stupid he does not know the first thing about OUR guaranteed rights, such as the right to presumption of innocence?
How does that filthy mutt expect anyone to prove their own innocence? It is an impossibility to prove a negative. Even high school morons learn a few things about critical argument, but tubman either failed or skipped class. islamabad grade school because he pooped his retarded panties too often.
This brings us to a different topic: high school composition.
Did moronicus supremius sub-intelligensicus forget to complete a sentence, or did tubby ever know?
A real sentence has a number of components: verb, noun, structure and punctuation. Tubby is missing in dem/lib la-la-land. Woohoo, smoke another arsenic laced joint, tubby.
Does dick brain tubby know what a component is? It is highly unlikely, and these morons want to rule. Did morons like tubby elect occasional cortex, that grade-school-mentality democrat who has been caught lying over and over, first day in congress, and already getting slapped down by the meanest, most corrupt skunk in the world, pelosi? Occasional claimed 70 percent income tax is a good idea. Holy hell, how stupid can dem/libs get?
Does this filthy eat, tubby, think he/she/it has something classically intelligent that will catch my attention and bring me to my knees? What light does tubby think I will see when dem/libs never show light, or reason, or logical thinking? How about a point of light, so to speak, tubby? Show me; show us all a glimmer of an intelligent thought regarding a gain dem/libs offer. Nothing, NEVER! There is no shred of intelligence or benefit to mankind dem/libs offer.
How would rat-brain feel if I leveled an attack on him/her/it that he/she/it molested children, and he/she/it is required to prove his/her/its innocence?
Show us how one proves innocence, tubby.
It is a logistical impossibility.
Maybe rat-brain can lay down the facts, without lying.
Maybe tubby can tell us how a presumption of guilt does not lead to punishment for no crimes committed?
I just leveled an accusation against tubby, and now he/she/it goes to jail.
If presumption of guilt and accusation is all it takes, why are democrats not all in jail right now? Why is tubby not on his/her/its way to jail? Is it because We, the People have a Constitution that guarantees equality before the law, and it benefits even the most insane, hate-filled mobsters, such as tubby, even in his/her/its own ignorance. If we, republicans are in power and presumption ruled, why are gems not in jail?
Tubby should be grateful for a Constitution that keeps rule of law in place and him/her/it safe.
I will get to the other emails rat-brain sent, later.
Go ahead tubby, give us some facts. How about 10 facts? Post something.
Cowards, dem/libs, pieces of rat-shit attack people because they cannot present a single point for an argument, because they are primarily lying to cheat YOU, and I, and all of America. This rat has never posted a thing. Do we expect he/she/it will give us 10 facts, 10 truths or 10 lies, presumptions, and fabrications?

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