Re: “Donald confused by resignations.”

Re: “Donald confused by resignations.”
Is that lying piece of rat-crap, bolshevik-dick musing, supposing, presuming, creating false reality through his/her/its unfettered hatred for We, the People and OUR government, including OUR legally, lawfully, duly elected President? Is that moronic hate-spewing lying piece of rat-crap trying to inject an idea that President Trump is somehow, magically, mysteriously, secretly confused? How does that bolshevik manage to jump to that sick and twisted, mentally deranged presumption with absolutely no evidence except the “wondering of a sick and hate-motivated dem/lib mind?
Does that filthy moron have any evidence for the claim he/she/it makes or is that rotten sewage-flotsam trying to create a false reality with YOU?
To what purpose would it serve anyone to believe that President Trump is confused about anything? It only serves those who lie about it by fabricating hate-motivated lies and manipulation. Lies serve only those who lie.
How does it serve the manipulators? It motivates the masses to a breaking point where violence is used against the honest, decent citizens of the country being subverted. That is the purpose, subversion, murder, slavery and genocide. The purpose for the demented lies of the tyranny-wing leftist agent provocateurs, like bolshevik-dick, and others is to manipulate you to do their dirty work so they get to live a life of oppression, luxury and leisure, at YOUR expense.
Notice the rat wonders, presumes that President Trump “…must be confused…”.
President “must be” confused? Why, because a lying,manipulative moron says so?
Bolshevik-dick is a liar when we see openly that he/she/it is attempting, right before our eyes, to make you believe President Trump is confused, despite a total, complete, absolute void of evidence.
Why does the bolshevik slug assume that particular thing and not something else? Why does that filthy democrat party/bolshevik whore not wonder why slut clinton and her treasonous host are not confused by principle?
Her words on the death of Ambassador Stevens, “At this point what does it matter?”
How about a principle that it is her job to keep our ambassadors safe?
What a perfect example of lost-from-principle that witch Clinton is.
bolshevik-dick is using tactics bolsheviks have used to enslave and murder millions for decades.
Find that filthy pig, Find that cowardly piece of rat crap for me, and I will gladly bite the bullet and beat that scum.
Oh, I just did beat that slug, again, right here.
Publius/brent/thirdoptbybrent/liberalnesreview: 3,799
Bolshevhik-dick/utardia/moo-stank: zero, 0, nada, nul, kein, zilch, ZEEEEEEEEEEERO
Lying libby losers.
Beware, my fellow citizens, sub-human scum who would manipulate YOU to violence and self-endangerment, would do worse TO you. These filthy socialist/bolshevhik monsters are not your friends, especially when they would have you hate your friends and trust those who lie to YOU.

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