RE: “Melting of Greenland’s ice is ‘off the charts’, study shows”

Re: “Melting of Greenland’s ice is ‘off the charts’, study shows”
It is winter. Ice does not melt in winter. There is no melting now because it IS winter. Did the dem/libs forget that all-important detail?
When did the global icers, climates, whatever, do their measuring and what were the parameters? None? Nothing? How does that qualify as science or even close?
Greenland is called Greenland because hundreds of years ago the land was green, in the winters. With barely a start to winter Greenland today is not green. TODAY, right now, this year and for the last 100 measurable years, Greenland is not and has not been green in winter.
It is winter now; cold, white, freezing icy winter.
Those are not charts! They are fabricated, political agendas transferred to anti-science posters!
There are no charts. There are computer generated fabrications, all based on anti-science politics. In fact those charts are so bad, one chart’s title is backward from the x-axis. No real scientist, mathematician, student, thinking person or dog that cannot bark could be so stupid to get the time frame on the x-axis backward.
If, for example, you put a bowl of warm chili in the refrigerator and it cooled, that would be cooling, not warming. If, for example, we put Greenland and all its winter wonder green land, in a refrigerator, and it turned white from snow and ice, it could not somehow, magically be a warming influence because a political agenda declares it so. This is science-retardation rammed down the throats of unwary, unsuspecting, trusting people, by the filthiest slugs and scum in the world: dem/lib agent provocateurs.
How can sticking Greenland in a refrigerator be global warming? It is science-retardation the dem/libs push. It is rational-thought-retardation. It is cause-and-effect-retardation, and the dem/libs think they are smart. It is not even close to rational or thoughtful, much less scientific. The stupidity is astounding!
How can one stop laughing at the absolute stupidity of global hoaxing?
CHARTS? None! The pictographs are random variables. many of which do not sensibly correloate.
Notice the goons, the absolute morons could not QUOTE ‘off the charts’ They could not quote because there is no quotable claim. It is a paraphrase hence the ‘ ‘ and not “ “, quotation marks.
The global hoaxing idiots cannot even see how stupid their own remarks and claims are.
I could go on and on, in all realms of dem/lib pretentiousness, and the most obnoxious sub-intelligent tyranny in everything the idiots say and write.
And people think morons like rachel mad-cow are smart. This phenomenon is unbelievable. Mad-cow is a regurgitating moron, like all the dem/lib liars who proclaim a political solution to fake-science.
Where are the measurements? Where is the study? Where is a shred of science?
I am going to beat the crap out of these filthy lying pig-crap-scum, again.
Oh, I just did, again. The score is now:
Publius/brent/thirdoptbybrent/ 3,798
dem/libs/utardia/bolshevik-dick) 0, nul, zip, nada, kein, zilch, ZEEEEEEEEEEEEERO!

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