Discussion with a democrat, person.

In a discussion with a democrat, person, in a matter of only a few minutes a breakdown of current events occurred. It has been my experience that democrat party and democracy supporters are unwilling to engage in rational discussion. I was mildly surprised.
The comment was made, by my friend, that Trump shut down the government.
“How did he do that”?, I asked.
She retorted, “I don’t know, he just did.”
I stated, well, the truth is the republicans in the House came up with a plan that included funding border security.
She snapped, “we don’t want his wall.”
I calmly replied, “78 percent of Americans want a wall built and 90 percent are in favor of border security and changing immigration law. That is well over a majority.”
“Well I’m one of the people and I don’t want it.”
“Doesn’t the majority rule in a democracy?”, I asked.
“Well I don’t want it and he should not have shut down the government.”
I had to ask again, “How did he, all by himself, do shut down the government, and what does that entail? Does he have the power to stop every single person from going to work? Did the TSA workers, carrying millions of Americans to and from home and work, stop working?”
“I don’t know, he just did.”
I asked, “Who says he did?”
No answer from my friend, as she stopped herself from a quick reply, thought for a moment and realized her information source was dishonest.
A bill was produced by congress that funded the wall. It did not meet with the President’s approval, OUR wishes, and it was sent back to congress where the democrats and some republicans refused to compromise. They refused to work together. They refused, totally, to even consider reading the notes President Trump made in his attempt to compromise.
The president, in effect, did not shut down anything. He did his job as a representative of a vast majority, while the government, the childish democrat politicians and some republicans for no reason other than hatred for Trump, refused to negotiate, work together, or compromise and give We, the People, what we want.
Her reply was a typical, classically conditioned dem/lib escape to a presumption attached to anyone, myself, in this instance, who talks in favor of republican, republic or conservative principles. The escape, one of many employed by those who cannot assimilate information and cannot rise above the fear invoking emotional manipulation they receive, was the fail-safe conclusion that I surely hated people and was mean, or cruel.
She tried to imply I did not see the invaders as people. In her mind that was her final judgement of myself, and then she ran away.
I had a similar discussion with a friendly acquaintance yesterday. When I simply stated the numbers do not bear out his assertions, his classically conditioned responses and assumptions, he actually stated, “I don’t think we can be friends anymore.”
Who shut down government and who shuts down discourse and “working together”?

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