Devilish dem/lib pigs lie and attack me personally, without a shred of argument.

Devilish dem/lib pigs lie and attack me personally, without a shred of an argument in favor of what, we still do not know. In response I slaughter them. I make a thousand points and references to reality and history, and the gutter rats cannot make one point. The lying, disgusting, sub-human, archon pigs that cannot express a decent thought, but attack me, and some other guy they presume is me, and would destroy, if they could, need to be constantly held in check for their lies and fraud against humanity. They keep lying, I keep beating the crap out of their lies, and they stop trying to lie, for awhile.
Every sentence in a dem/lib article, post or commentary is either a careless fabrication or a carefully crafted lie, designed to manipulate the masses to accept their own demise. It is diabolical and originates from ruthless, ancient, globalist tyrannies. We can trace the roots of democrats and liberals to the progressives who invaded America disguised as progressives, all the way back to the bolsheviks who invaded Russia and slaughtered tens of millions of Russian, and further back to Khazaria and Babylon.
Hang the pigs, the scum who attack me, without a shred of human decency or rational argument in favor of ruthless democrat party tyranny. They deserve to die for treason.
I hereby decree, as one of We, the People, reclaiming control of OUR law and OUR government, that the agent provocateurs, bolshevik-dick, utardia, moo-stank, and others are liars, traitors and agents of enemies of OUR country. Hang them all. I will pull the lever.

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