Government shutdown? YES, YAY. Shut down the swamp

Government shutdown? YES, YAY. Shut down the swamp the dem/libs live in.
The anti-democracy democrats ARE the swamp. They hold the mechanisms in their power to govern without representation.
How is it possible that 15 seats in the last election were lost to republicans, and suddenly more votes were found that ALL gave enough votes to the democrats to win? It is impossible unless democrats have tricks post ad hoc, to steal elections.
A ratio is established when votes are tallied but amazingly that ratio changes drastically in favor of democrats when they lose elections and mysteriously discover more votes, after losing. These mysteriously discovered and changed votes are 100 percent supportive of democrat party politicians gaining seats. These votes are discovered to not represent the ratio of known votes and voter support. The ratio, to sway original votes sometimes in the tens of thousands, must by simple math, be a massive avalanche of votes, every time, in favor of democrats. IMPOSSIBLE without cheating. welcome to the swamp.
Shut down the swamp! We, the People want it drained. Investigate the lost elections! We, the People want it.
DRAIN THE SWAMP! We, the People want it.
Keep up the draining, President Trump!

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