Dem/libs are not very smart. To lie is to deceive one’s self first.

Dem/libs are not very smart. To lie is to deceive one’s self first, and what follows becomes characteristic denial of realities: denial of variables for change. Dem/libs are cheating even as I write, and they have been cheating for years. Liars cheat and cheaters lie to cover their cheating. Cheating is taking that which does not belong to the taker.
While they think they are smart, they surely have neglected something. May I suggest it is possible, in their haughty egomania; egomania that causes them to ignore blatant realities to which they should adjust, dem/libs will lose seats they have held for a long time, particularly California.
Do not be surprised if Pelosi or Waters, or another prominent democrat loses a seat he or she should win.
The problem dem/libs face is that they have to cheat just the right amount to preserve the approximate 50/50 split. If they don’t cheat enough, well, the obvious ensues: they lose. If they cheat too much they risk an inquiry and big trouble.
Democrats have been caught cheating, however. One can find dem/libs getting caught in numerous youtube videos.

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