RE: “I just can’t find a Republican candidate to support.” Original publication, 6/21/15

RE: “I just can’t find a Republican candidate to support.”
Unbelievable. The trickery and fraud is blatant and subtle in this masterpiece of rhetoric and progressive, classical conditioning. It reminds me of NAZI propaganda, learned from the bolsheviks, who learned from progressives in support of mass murder and eugenics in the late 19th century Europe. It started in Kindergarten.
The “writer” of this piece is an agent provocateur. If you, dear reader, want to know where your trillion dollar stimulus went (besides redirected to democrat party politicos through union donations) you can understand that agents of misinformation have always existed where someone wants to condition masses to accept domestic, convenient, comfortable slavery. This is what the founding fathers warned against, and tried to curtail.
The tone of the post seems to be one of a republican voter looking objectively at the republican candidates. It is not that at all.
I have dissected scores, if not hundreds of these posts and have learned to identify markers.
The first flag is that the writer has decided before any debates. In reality the campaign has not begun, but the fraud has already determined, of the dozen or more capable candidates, not a single one is worthy of his/her/its vote. That is absurd!
How could anyone presume, without information provided by debate, that none of the republican candidates are capable? It is impossible.
Another marker is that the criticism and “principle” is never applied evenly or fairly to democrat candidates or politicos. Does “writer” impose the same criticisms on democrat candidates?
How can a rational thinking human being discount so many credible, capable, successful candidates so early? It is the plan.
So, two elements are already obvious, before I start to thrash that bastard agent of progressive/liberal/democrat party tyranny.
I have not been dissecting posts by local dimwits; altus, starfleet (weird dave and WVC retardomatic, and SPP) because they are so blatantly stupid. I have had so much positive commentary by email lately I can see that others are wise to the tricks.
One trick, however, I will warn against, by dem/libs of course, is that they work together: a bad cop/good cop scenario.
Starfleet/weird dave works with the national democrat party politburo agent in adding credibility to lying liberal posts by creating gross diametrics in commentaries. Weird dave, sickest bastard on SLC rantsandraves, posts just before the “credible” posts of the “writer”.
The liberal/progressives learned many things from tyrannies of the last two hundred years. This information is not readily available to working people. But those that have control and exploitation of others, always congeal in the democrat party and other progressive/liberal organizations (the Ku Klux Klan, for example) and they are coached and helped by agents of world tyranny trying to destroy the last vestige of freedom and individual rights to life liberty and property. This is certainly not obvious to the masses of Americans that just want to live their lives and be free to pursue happiness and security, but it can be understood by all who will take 10 minutes every day (half an hour weekly).
It is easy to learn. Just start, read once, then again, and again. Just start by reading the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the book, The Federalist Papers.
The comparisons and contrasts to the lies of the tyranny wing, leftist extremists (all tyrannies are leftist- you, dear reader, will see when you begin to read and understand), are so obvious, you, my fellow citizens will be amazed you have not seen them all along.
One trick is that one liberal presents gross and obvious lies and fraud meant to demonize and attack good people, while another sounds rational and credible, while sneaking into the dialogue lies and deception. It is all a trick to mislead America to slavery.
Another trick is to lie and count on the fact that few readers will investigate and find the truth.
Another trick is confusion, information overload. The liars and frauds always sneak something purely wrong and subjective into the post or article; and the messages are repeated ad nauseum, and have been for decades.
Let us start with the claim that “writer” took two classes at Mount Ogden Junior High. Not possible. The writer, like other national democrat party plants, did not go to Mount Ogden Junior high. How do I know, I have challenged numerous “writers” pretending to be objective locals and they failed every time to describe things in their own neighborhoods. I have received, and do, frequently get emails from these idiots but challenged they fail every time. In these emails dem/libs seldom communicate ideas pother than my violent death at their hands. Challenges always accepted, none have ever showed. This, in and of itself, is no proof that this particular “writer” did not go to Mount Ogden Junior High, but the writing style, the words and syntax is the same as a number of anonymous “writers” that never respond to my critiques and operate systematically to propagate fraud, distraction, and deception.
The writing style, vocabulary and spelling mistakes are the same style, syntax and demeanor I have found in the exact same posts in other cities, wherein “writer” uses different local landmarks.
Notice the “writer” states, “…a million years ago…”
Ha ha, funny, cute, pretentious attempt to make him/her/itself human. A million years ago is so indefinite, it is hard to determine when “writer” could have been at Mount Ogden Junior High.
If it was more than 100 years ago, there was no such thing as those classes “writer” described. If “a million years ago” is actually more than 50 years ago, there was no such thing as the classes the “writer” described.
part two (6/22/15)
The writer” fills that seemingly innocent, unbiased, pretentiously inquisitive post with blatant and total lies. The liberals and democrat party monarchists (in the truest sense that a monarchy can only exist in a supportive oligarchy), have entrenched lies that have been accepted. The best example is that America is a democracy. America was not founded as a democracy because the founding fathers could see through the lies and fraud of tyranny hiding behind another new term, “democracy”. The progressives live on “new” terms because terms and words are easily co-opted to mean different things while they continually push tyranny, elitism, and absolute power for themselves.
The new terms progressives and liberals use are slowly gaining acceptance. In fact the first paragraph is one lie and fraud after another. The presumptions are that, because “writer” has presented a seemingly coherent and questionable post, he/she/it is not manipulating or lying, but being honest and sincere. Trust is a weakness liberals, progressives, and democrat partiers exploit every chance they get.
The first paragraph rambles but the dangerous misinformation is in the most important words of any paragraph, the last sentence is the one sentence with the most impact and is the most remembered sentence of a paragraph.
“Writer” claims Jefferson was democratic. Actually, no, “writer” does not put the two together except in an indirect, presumed connection, he/she/it created. He/she/it definitely associates, in the same sentence and thought, Jefferson with “democratic”.
That claim is blatantly wrong. It is a fabrication the liberals use unceasingly. Democracy was a bad word to the founding fathers. They absolutely abhorred and rejected democracy for the fraud it was (and is). Throughout their publicly posted essays the founding fathers rejected and stated clearly their disgust with those that promoted “democracy”. They clarified that democracy is not viable in large countries and with large populations. They clarified and described the Lycaean (ancient Greek) city states and the limitations democracy had in keeping tyranny from gaining power over people. So, Jefferson was not democratic and never became associated with democracy as misfit moron “writer” infers.
Moron, traitor “writer”, blatantly and openly manufacturing lies and fraud is fabricating a whole different picture than the truth about Republicanism and Republic. How does his/her/its argument fit when we understand that America was founded as a Constitutional Republic, and that the republican party did not start until Abraham Lincoln came into the picture, some 70 years later?
All the founding fathers were republic oriented because republic is the only system that has ever worked. The final piece to the constitutional puzzle, in keeping all men free and equal before the law, was the formulation of The Bill of Rights.
The last sentence by fraudster/bolshevik is a complete fabrication meant to drag poorly educated readers to a closer love of comfortable. democrat party slavery.

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