Re: “Meaning of IGNORANCE”. Is that all the dem/libs have?

Re: “Meaning of IGNORANCE”. Is that all the dem/libs have?
I apologize for the spelling of bolshevik and other words. Craigslist refuses to publish articles with certain words.
I am certain I have stumbled upon something that the deep state, the globalists and the international tyrannies do not want known, about themselves.
Wow. How many times have I written that there is nothing to dem/lib arguments?
Now bowl-shev-hick-dick proves it.
The point I made was not so much the actual definition of floating, or ignorance, but that dem/libs cannot make a point because they have no honor or decency; leaving them totally lacking and an accurate definition by their characters, of of propaganda and deception.
What kind of scum attacks another for no reason, blatantly admits no real reason or offense; just hates? We use all kinds of words and terms to describe people who lack decency and honor. But, that is not the point. Calling the totally dishonest and dishonorable names such as scum and sick, distracts from the reality. The reality is that there is, and always has been, a percentage of any population that manipulates, extorts and bullies others for the sole purpose of plunder and exploitation. This point; this verity; this truth is the underlying problem that the masses will not identify and accept.
Hatred is only one point dem/libs prove over and over, with every substance-less attack on truth and others they make. They believe they distract us from the reality of their hatred by calling it something else, social justice, for example, and attacking the innocent.
Bowl-shev-hick-dick actually tries to make the discussion about the meaning of a couple words, openly avoiding the real points. The underlying principle; the principle being avoided is presumption of innocence. Those who intend to rule with an iron fist do not want the masses to have presumption of innocence and, hence the masses cannot know about it.
In America we are all considered innocent until proven guilty. The dem/libs are constantly trying to turn justice around; flip flop it to suit party needs. Dem/libs seek that absolute power and control that is uncontested and ruthless when needed, over others. It is tyranny, murder and genocide; all with nice names to fool the masses. It is all the evils perpetrated by any evil empire, monarchy, or despotism, but veiled, until recently.
The attack on anyone always begins with an attack on truth surrounding that person.
There is only one “side” in this contention that communicates lies in every breath the players breathe, and there is only one party that has as its goal the ignorance of the masses, by deceit and fabrication: all done to enslave the same.
The democrats and liberals do not only propagate misinformation deception and fabrications, they are so invested in misleading and deceiving everyone in every single issue and action, they are propaganda, being deception through and through. This depth of dishonesty is not a few lies in some topics and discussions. This is significant because it means nothing they say or write, or communicate in any way, is true. They simply cannot afford for a sliver of truth to spark the masses curiosity. They must completely hide their true designs on the human race. They “are” deception because the only way to totally suppress all their hidden, subversive, and homicidal designs is to completely deceive and lie. So, being deception, hatred, and dishonesty, all parts of overall propaganda, they must be taken for what they are, and their words presumed dishonest and deceptive.
They have had to invite and internalize pure deception in everything they do and say because a slip exposes contradiction and the ensuing chance listeners and or followers would investigate, learn and abandon.
Dem/libs must, by necessity, live and breathe deception and, hence, propaganda because they cannot allow for an iota of truth to be known and circulated amongst people the dem/libs intend to rule, ravage, rape and plunder.

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