Re: ‘Obama’s children were bullied all the time.’

Re: ‘Obama’s children were bullied all the time.’
Can bolshevik-dick give us one example of, “…all the time…”?
How about one time, and by whom?
Did anyone in the media refer to Michael (nnot michelle) as a feckless c__t, as did a revered liberal attacker?
Who was bullied by Samantha Bee, May 31, 2018 in this statement, “Wednesday’s Full Frontal on TBS was off the rails straight from the get-go as host Samantha Bee railed against the Trump administration for enforced tough immigration policies. After smearing the President, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and First Lady Melania Trump, Bee turned her twisted sights on Ivanka Trump and begged her to seduce her father to get him to change his policies. On top of that, she described the President’s daughter as a “feckless c**t.” How pathetic.”?
Whose decapitated head was Kathy Griffin toting for fun? Did anyone ever do that to an obama? Then Kathy Griffin comes out in support of Bee and so does all liberal la-la-land.
I say we fire all the dem/lib media.
Did Bee get fired?
Such egregious lies and hate-motivated fabrications from the left-wing extremists is nothing new.
The attempts to flip flop decency and pursue it like crime while committing actual crimes is the bolshevik method of subverting OUR self-governance and enslaving We, the People.
Pay attention, readers, please. The bolsheviks are still ruling most of the world. They still exist and they have never had a majority. This is why they undermine and attempt coup after coup in America.
The democrats have never had a majority. They have cheated We, the People since Woodrow Wilson.
The bolsheviks in the 1917 Russian election had 27 percent of the popular vote, a little more than Clinton got in 2016.

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