Rejected response to “re Re: “Illegal hush payments made at direction of Trump”

Re; re Re: “Illegal hush payments made at direction of Trump”
Are dem/libs really this disconnected? Why do I keep asking that question when we all know they are?
Not only can dem/libs, lost in liberal la-la-land, not communicate an idea or write a complete, rational sentence, they cannot understand simple logic, deduction and reason in a sentence they read. They cannot read certain words that communicate reality. Dem/libs are so hate-motivated it has made them blind to reality. Dem/libs hate so much they cannot get into their thoughts an idea simply written and presented to them.
The question to you, dear reader, fellow American is, do you want to end up lost, demented and mentally deficient like the democrat/liberal religionists who reject reality and science, replacing it with hatred, dysfunction and delusion?
Do you, fellow Americans, want to transform your life to hate reality and enshrine the mysterious world of missing words, poor communication, misunderstanding of logic, reason and rationale? Do you want to join the legions of mentally deficient dem/lib victims who gave audience to, listened to, and assimilated the self-destructive habits of being purposely ignorant and dishonest?
Do you want to find yourself lost in a confusing state of mind because you practice deceit and fraud?
Dem/libs all start with a hidden, ulterior motive to gain at others’ expense. They lie extensively to cover their rapacious efforts and, ultimately, get caught in their own mind traps.
Do you want the same?
Paying a hush payment is NOT illegal. Blackmailing, as dimwit dem/lib stated, is illegal.
The logic of it sinks the dem/lib argument, as usual. The subversion of logic itself, always necessary to dem/lib propaganda, specifically to flip/flop significance of criminal actions, is applent in this case.
Bolshevik-dick would have you believe that blckmail by the perpetrator of said, alleged crime did not commit a crime, or the crime was insignificant because of the victim: the victim dem/libs hate and hope to destroy.
The dem/lib habit of giving themselves impunity for real crimes and turning victims into criminals, is nothing new.
The logic-thrashing of trying to make an indictable offense, blackmail, insignificant, in this case, is the dem/lib way of bringing lawlessness and lawless rule to America. It is the bolshevik/tyrannical method of elevating themselves, the political elite, then political class above Law that blackmails the masses, executed no less, by those who intend rule with ruthless impunity.
The simple attempt to twist blackmail into something unlawful exposes the “writer”, the propagandist as a the lair and hate-motivated enemy of We, the People and rule of law, for We, the People.
Dem/libs are constantly trying to inject confusion by disfiguring law and reality, the attempts to twist what is bad into good, what is lawful into criminal, and what is criminal into legal and ethical is rulers’ means of creating masses of ignorant victims: sometimes called subjects but lately referred to as tax-payers and voters.
Dem/lib attempts to disfigure the significance of each part of every argument constitutes a real attack on truth. Truth is the first casualty oif war, and the indicator that war is waged and/or imminent. Who is already on the attack are the same attacking truth.
Lying is meant to lead to exploitation. Those who lie mean to exploit. Those who lie to you mean to exploit you.
All crime does the same. All law is meant to stop criminal exploitation.
Law is not meant to stop a victim from being a victim. It cannot, logically and logistically be done.
Law is meant to stop criminals from exerting exploitation in various forms identified as various crimes. All crimes; all exploitations starts with a lie, and that is what bolshevik-dick is doing right here, right now. He/she/it is lying to YOU through his/her/attacks on me to curtail truth.
This attack on truth itself is nothing new. It has been with mankind since the dawn of communication.
Again I ask, what is illegal about paying a “hush” payment? What is illegal about being a victim?
Maybe bolshevik-dick can reference the law that states being blackmailed is illegal. What is the law? Is it an HR law? Is it a commerce law? What is the identifying legal number attached to the law stating it is illegal to be a victim of a real crime?
Why is bolshevik-dick lying?
Can bolshevik-dick show us he/she/it is right and honorable, or does further silence on this point prove dick is something else: perhaps as I have stated, an agent of the dem/lib globalist comintern and an agent of tyranny?
Dick’s silence on this, like dick’s silence on everything, exposes dick as a hater of YOU, the intended victim.
As usual, it is just sickening how the filthy dem/lib mind twists everything and tries to upset reality and ethics in the minds of others.
What is more criminal, I ask you, dear reader, blackmail or being a victim of blackmail?
Why does “writer” try to convince you, we, us that being a victim of blackmail is more criminal than a perpetrator of a real crime: blackmail?

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