Re: “Problems SOLVED.”

Re: “Problems SOLVED.”
What an egomaniac to presume his/her/its poorly argued suggestions will solve anything.
The problem underlying everything is that there is an elitist element trying to usurp OUR American sovereignty and OUR individual sovereignty, and they lie, cheat, steal, fabricate and hate hate hate everyone who opposes them or questions them.
Everything bolshevik-dick proposes seems to be logical and practical. But, as usual tyranny’s agents, including this writer, whom I have identified as bolshevik-dick, have their tactics employed to sneak major lies and fraud, past unsuspecting readers for the purpose of misleading millions.
To do so, in this instance, bolshevik-dick had to feign impartiality and sincerity, but the pretentiousness is realized in the actual words and non-existent backing of his/her/its fabrications and poorly presented fairy tales.
The first point immediately exposes the fraud of the “writer”.
The first point bolshevik-dick makes is, “Make immigration exactly like Canada’s.”
Did “writer” use the word, “exactly”? How on earth; how on ten million variations of earth could anyone make our immigration system exactly like another country’s immigrations system? It is absolutely moronic that anyone would even try to trick unsuspecting readers into thinking Canada’s “Immigration” system could be mirrored, “exactly” or even partially. But dick did not even try to express why it should be done. Not a single thread of reasoning leaves one to believe “writer” has no intention of providing reason.
Dick did not make a scant mention of what aspects of Canada’s immigration system would make it worthwhile for We, Americans, in a country with 10 times the population, to adopt.
What is Canada’s immigration policy and effectiveness? Did dick even try to hint at a lie that it was good for Canadians?
The Canadian immigration system is much worse because of many reasons. The underlying snag is that Canada has less of a representative system of governance, as opposed to our severely hampered self-governing Constitutional Republic.
Such deception is typical of bolsheviks across the board, and every point this bolshevik tries to make.
Are people aware of Canada’s destructive immigration policies, laws? NO, and that is why bolshevik-dick tried to suggest we make ours exactly like Canada’s.
Did Bolshevik-dick mention, even intimate, hint or slyly escape a breath of the invasion of muslims, and antagonistic cultures into Canada?
How sick and insidious do dem/lib manipulations get?
Do you, now, dear reader, think you can trust Bolshevik-dick on any of the following points? But, there is a deeper question that resides in everything democrats and liberals say and write when they say they have solved something. The question is, for whom?
When Obama spoke of “our nation”, was he talking about OUR nation and OUR values, America in general, or does the “our” the political class use refer to something and someone else?
When obama, and any politician, excepting ahandful, uses the word “our” to whom is he or she referring? Is it possible the swamp monsters in Washington have openly admitted the values they preach and force upon We, the People are values the political class has, above American values? I have maintained that is the case: that politicians tell the truth a little more than we think.
Are America’s values different than the values of the political class. The first point of bolshevik-dick’s fabrication point it out by promoting a centralized government that gains power and authority by deceiving the masses. Bolshevik-dick is simpl,y an agent of a think-tank hiding reality of oppressive tyranny in nice words and defective speech.
The values of the political class, or the swamp, are not the same as America’s values. The swamp’s “our” values are centralized government, control and genocide to reduce the world’s population to less that 500 million: 90 percent of America, according to the United Nations and its satellite governments.
The political class, the “our values” of the swamp creatures, have identified We, the People as useless eaters. The fundamental theories that guide progressives, liberals and democrats have been identified and exposed. Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and other tyrannies have have all made derogatory references to the masses with open admissions that they believe the masses to be inferior and worthy of extermination.
Lenin, speaking to the Politburo, stated the deaths by starvation of millions of Russians would wipe God from the minds, and that it would serve the bolshevik cause very well.
His goal was to seize property and wealth from the churches and destroy the history of planned and premeditated famine.
Russian peasants, kulaks, were relatively wealthy as land-owners and farmers. Like co-opting today liberals and progressives then changed the meaning of a word to a derogatory term. The word “kulak” became, by political co-opting, a reference to a politically created class to be eliminated. According to Sun Tzu’s Art of War, winning the political war was a necessity for winning the military campaign, and the reversal of the significance of kulaks in Russian culture, making simple farmers enemies of state, was the expressed and determined goal of Lenin and the bolsheviks. Mass murder was planned in advance of the slaughter. The Russian kulak was the equivalent to the middle class of America, and the political campaign waged against the middle class in America did not start with finger pointing and demonizing the middle class. Words are being changed and ideals thrashed before our eyes to transform our neighbors and friends of middle class success into enemies of state: the democrat party/bolshevik centralized government state of totalitarian control.
Being identified as useless eaters, been identified by the swamp creatures as many things: haters, the democrats, liberals and progressives, long ago started their attacks on free Americans. That is you and I. Not only are we marked for elimination, it was done decades ago.
William Cooper, in his book Behold a Pale Horse, stated the “silent war” began in 1947.
Every point bolshevik-dick lists, is a fraud and an oversimplified tactic of deception and of misleading We, the People to accept the tyranny of democrat party/bolshevik rule.
Who does bolshevik-dick propose sets gold at 10,000 dollars per ounce? Who does bolshevik-dick presume to give this power to? Who, in the process of transferring real cause and effect market value of gold to government controlled prices at a moron’s arbitrary guess, will the control of the gold prices, and money, and the eventual plastic value of everything, then reside?
More dem/lib stupidisms thrown about with an air of sophistry, a fake intelligence, to deceive unsuspecting, trusting readers.
Each one of “writer’s” “suggestions” deserves a discussion in the least; a dissertation would be apropos. But, don’t count on dem/libs to actually be smart, they are happy to toss about clichés that cost others money, while making themselves look smart in the opulent collection of others’ wealth.
I dare not even comment on the absurdity and stupendous cause-and-effect retardation expressed in points regarding crime and criminals.
According to Canadian immigration and bolshevik-dick’s proposed amnesty, not only will illegal invaders be allowed to go free, after ravaging America’s children to steal millions of Americans’ ID, but bolshevik-dick now advocates amnesty for other crimes, such as stealing ID from America’s children, aged, and unsuspecting democrat and ex-democrat voters.
Bolshevik-dick promotes amnesty for a host of crimes committed against Americans. Amnesty for those the bolsheviks decide? Who controls who is released? Would that be a democrat government, such as Obama’s that released dangerous criminals, many of whom recommitted crimes, some violent?
Is dick advocating government control, again, by a biased, oppressive, threatening government; this same government that gets to decide what dangerous criminals it releases upon a threatened society? Is this not the definition of extortion, or at least the implementation of a hidden, subversive, threatening extortion by dem/libs and their progressive allies?
Regarding making electric cars available….did dick propose someone, “make” a free market price into a forced price? Does that not make it no longer a free market? Is that, again, the goal, to remove the middle class from access to the fruits of their own labors?
To “make” a price, without making the vehicle or product; to “make” a control separate from real buyer and seller market value, does what fixed pricing always does. It makes the few who are part of, or related to, the political class wealthy, by stealing property and control of pricing from the people. Where does the freedom go when it is slashed and thrashed by those have power and authority to “make” some pay more or less and some earn more or less?
Why does bolsehvik-dick not mention this reality?
It might be argued that my perspective is that bolshevik-dick means to let the free market make the cars more affordable, but I defend my position that it is bolshevik-dick’s position to turn that control over to oppressive government. Two points reveal bolshevik-dick’s clandestine push for more control over our lives. Dick uses the word “make” but not in the context of making, fabricating or p[roducing. He/she/it proposes making a price of automobiles others manufacture.
The actual making of something into something more affordable does not come at the hands of an oppressive third party dictating prices and forcing people to buy. ?That was obamas gaff into the free market health care industry.
The only controls to “make” something more affordable are in the hands of those who actually make the vehicles, and thiose who work for contracts with the manufacturers of the vehicles, competing for better contracts and more efficient manufacturing.
There is no “making” or manufacturing or producing anything by imposing law.
For bolshevik-dick to claim “make” the cars more affordable is a complete, society-destroying lie.
To add to the oppressive centralized control bolshevik-dick adds, “OUTLAW…”.
The only way outlaw can be credible and operative is if it is a law. Dick is openly advocating taking over control of the free market pricing of automobiles by law. That is the definition of fascism, bye the way.
Government allowing business to survive under extremely oppressive government controls and scrutiny: a partnership of government and business where government makes all the rules with little or no input by the business, is bolshevick/NAZI socialism.
Lenin stated, “the goal of socialism is communism.” The word “communism” is a tactical co-opting of the word bolshevik, to make it more appealing, and win the war against freedom the world over.
Do you still think the bolshevik has made some interesting points?
Bolshevik-dick carries on with the fraud. He claims “REQUIRE voter I.D.”
What would dick propose when it is already against the law to steal others I.D, to vote illegally, and to participate in due process? Is that not one of the “non-violent” crime dick already proposed be given amnesty? Did dick think through any of his/her/its own post? Can bolsheviks not look at themselves objectively, like any real human with capacity for introspection would?
What would dick propose to replace laws that dem/libs routinely break to cheat elections and Americans out of OUR representative process? Is bolshevik-dick proposing more democrat party control? YES!
I could go on and on with the sophistry and lies the bolsheviks continually present. Every point is a fraud. Every point is actually carefully thought out, to benefit the oppressors, the elitists of the political elite, the swamp. Every point is meant to mislead readers from Constitutional Republic and equity before the law by making the law subjective to the centralized, democrat party comintern.
Every point is the opposite of all that has made America great, and most important, FREE.
Every point is a carefully manipulated statement to mislead Americans to accept the “niceness” of absolute deception and the ensuing controls at the hands of ruthless liars and murderers. These people have murder in their hearts.

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