Re: “Top Ten Donald Trump Examples of Violence and Bullying”

Re: “Top Ten Donald Trump Examples of Violence and Bullying”
What is bullying? What is violence?
The tricky, lying dem/libs never stop trying to manipulate, YOU
#10, Boise Idaho Craigslist rantsandraves, August 5th 2018, bolshevik-dick claims President Trump and his body guards, “…were accused of using mob-like strong-arm tactics (breaking out the brass knuckles).”
Where? When? And what court of law, besides the divisive, hate-motivated dem/lib media, found anyone guilty? The deeper question is, how could there be guilt when no evidence of a charge was ever laid against anyone?
This is so horrifically insidious, it is bloody dangerous. These lying dem/libs would have you believe an accusation, from a long time ago, makes someone guilty.
If I accuse a dem/lib of sedition, does my accusation make him/her/it guilty? Why does this subversive, anti-lawful claim seem to be only something dem/libs can use? Is it, though, something they can use, and against whom is it being used if, in fact it is being used. I guess we see it right before our eyes.
Perhaps the dem/lib cause is justified only in their minds so they must find ways to skirt reality of the law.
In America, one accused is considered innocent until proven guilty. That is a fact. That is the beauty, one of many, of equality before the law: before Constitutional Law.
Only liars, thieves, murderers-at-heart, and evil doers would have you believe someone they hate is guilty by accusation.
I, and all conservatives and republic-oriented citizens, hope, for your sake you never question dem/libs so you can avoid guilt by accusation.
Furthermore, using the word “example” is a lie. There is no example when no example is provided. Again, an accusation, from some indiscriminate time ago, without a single name of a victim, or show of “brass knuckles” or any paraphernalia or act of violence, is NOT, ABSOLUTELY NOT an example.
How sick and twisted can these dem/lib haters-of-mankind get?
They will get much worse if we let them, and YOU, dear reader, investigator, democrat party supporter included, will eventually be literally, defined and attacked as an enemy.
But, let us be specific. Did that goon make that dishonest claim that this happened in 1989?
Which Donald Trump was it and which body guards? Could it be, 32 years ago, a different Donald Trump was “accused”, but never, NEVER charged or convicted of anything?
Could it be that someone waited for many years, for all witnesses to be gone so the burden of proof did not necessitate dem/lib/bolshevik “proving”? Could it be the most probable case: someone went looking for an example so long ago, or fabricated something from so long ago it could be neither verified nor refuted? Either way, in all instances, ALL parties involved are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and the lying, filthy haters-of-mankind, the “writer(s)” of this moral filth, are trying to change law to suit someone. They are not trying to change Constitutional equality before the law for President Trump, or his body guards, or you, to whom these rats are lying. They are not trying to change a simple Bill of Rights principle to benefit the general citizenry when they lie to all readers of the general citizenry. They are not lying and fabricating hatred for a non-crime, a non-offense or non sequitur for me, myself.
They are fabricating lies and manipulating the masses for the only entities remaining in this equation: themselves.
This is a 32 year old nothing. It is less than a 32 year old nothing. It is a total, dishonest, hate-motivated liberal lie, designed to turn YOU, my fellow unsuspecting citizens against those whose efforts will benefit you and I. This hate-motivated lie and fabrication is designed to create hatred in you against those who are actually doing what will benefit you and I, and all America: drain the swamp and bring true criminals, hidden by this fabricated hate, to justice.
Who did Clinton’s body guards assault in 1989?
Was it 1989 when the Clintons, using a law firm where killary worked, forcibly bled Arkansas inmates for their blood to sell to the Canadian Red Cross? Was it the same year that tainted blood, from Arkansas inmates, for which killary earned massive amounts of money, and then had others murdered to cover up the crimes, killed 8,000 Canadians with Hepatitis C?
Search “Factor 8: The Arkansas blood scandal’. Wikipedia has some of the details; some of the truth of it all, while bolshevik-dick and the other agents of international tyranny have nothing but fraudulent, hate-motivated fabrication designed to compromise YOU.

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