REGARDING CL POST, “Mexicans go, no-one to pick produce…”

Re: “Mexicans go, no-one to pick produce…”

What a load of liberal bs. Before Mexicans became a high percentage of “produce “workers” who did the picking? How many actual Americans work in this industry now? Would it surprise you to know the majority of “workers” are not Mexicans? Democrat liberal media BS runs amok with stupidity for the stupid. 

Who picked produce before the invader-slaves came here? Dang, part of history we fogot: before Mexicans, Americans did not eat. Americans did the picking, in a free market. 

Lying liberal piece of rat crap.

The “glory” of Rome, slavery, cheap labor? Hmmm, is that what dem/libs want?

Global tyranny, democracy, and democrat party communism is slavery. They would rule, force their democracy upon those who oppose, as they evidence every day.

The “glory” of America is what, slavery? Do not be fooled by the dem/libs’ rhetoric (lies). Liberalism is a mental disorder. It is what I call cause-and-effect retardation.

Raise taxes, people suffer, then hold onto their money, stifling economy: simple reality, studied and proved over and over, while dem/libs inject fabricated variables, fables and/or outright lies and deflections from variables to confuse, primarily, and then divide and conquer.

“Hire” a slave class and it competes with the entrepreneurial class, and wins, and a few make money, like those getting stupendously rich off the “immigration” invasion and the new medical healthcare class obama created to line his own pockets.

Where did OUR trillion dollars for that lie and fraud “stimulus” go?

That money, taken forcibly by a democracy that dis-represented Americans, is still unaccounted. Where is OUR money? How much actually made it to American’ pockets and how much is still going into the swamp’s pockets?

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