RE: “Remember this.”

Bolshevik-dick claims there is no democracy or corporate interests motivating directing or controlling the democrat party. Moron, cannot write a clear sentence to begin with, limiting his/her/its credibility. And these dem/lib retards want credibility for anything they fabricate? They don’t care if it is fake credibility as long as obedience goes along with it. Forced, extorted compliance is slavery.

America is NOT a democracy and so anything that kills democracy in America is great. Thanks to the moron dem/lib that does not know history or is trying to rewrite it.

Which government do corporate interests control, the Republic of the United States of America or the U.S. Government? Two very different governments, but dick-head knows this. The bolshevik-dick knows very well democracy is tyranny.

Imagine 10 people on a street vote for a street lamp. 10 involved, 10 vote for self interests, nd ten make the decision.

Imagine 435 elected officials refuse to represent the will of We, the People, and vote for their own best interests, using dem/lib media to lie to We, the People, while We, the People are so divided we cannot imagine that other representative districts want what we want. Dem/libs do not only cheat this way, establishment, deep state, republicans also do and they also cheat in other ways. There is no way killary received just 30 percent of the popular vote.

I have written extensively about this, and many of my articles can be found at yahoonewsreview…,(until it was removed by Jamie Putnam Inscore). Now articles are found at liberalnewsreview.

There are, however, representatives, few as they may be, who actually do take the true representative process at face value and actually do make representation a priority. Don’t expect a shred of representation from democrats when they cannot even mention representation or the truth that America is a self-governing republic.

Notice that bolshevik-dick did not iterate the truth either. The biggest corporation the world has even known is the U.S Government, not the government of the Republic of the United States.

If corporations are so bad, why do dem/libs support, propagate and try to force upon Americans the biggest, most sinister, fraudulent, rapacious corporation the world has ever known?

Here we see, too, how deceptive and manipulative dem/libs are. Not every representative is corrupt, as dick-head tries to propagate. Some are actually seeking justice in spite of left-over corruption in the DOJ, State Department, most courts, and the democrat party itself, through and through. A reckoning is coming but the democrats want it in their time frame according to the degree of control they wish to exert.

A citizens initiative re-established independence in 2012, February 7th, the be exact. We, the People are simply holding on for mass global arrests of the truly corrupt and criminal. Evidence can be seen in the 300 or so resignations of major corporate CEOs and CFOs, most in Europe.

American independence has been re-established but the logistical requirements to execute a vast operation such as the cleansing of the illuminati, political hollywood traitors, world banker/gangsters, and other ravaging entities, make it absolutely necessary that everything be perfect.

The paid agents of misinformation, such as this bolshevik agent provocateur, are just so foolish to think that the tarantulas with whom they are involved will not eventually fang them and eat them, but this is the foolishness of psychopathic liars and enemies of We, the People, every people, throughout history.

America is NOT a democracy, never was. There is a democracy in America, true. It belongs to those who openly claim their democracy is under attack by we the people. America is a Constitutional Republic and the most evil, biggest corporation in the history of the world is the entity bolshevik-dick promotes.

There is no democracy on the earth that has a Bill of Rights, but We, the People, of America have one because of the Constitutional Republic, that WE own and control. The sick and twisted democrats and liberal agents of disinformation and destruction (bolshevik-dick, is only one) are still working to mislead you and I (not so much I) to accept tyranny: international, illuminati, conspiratorial, banker/gangster tyranny.

Consider all your guaranteed rights, my fellow Americans, and pick one, two, three, maybe four or five of them you will voluntarily surrender. None?

Now pick any one of the original 13 amendments and find a democrat politico or liberal who has openly stated any one of these guarantees will remain after a democrat government is in place. Can you, dear reader, find a record of a democrat politician stating any one of YOUR, OUR rights will be guaranteed after democrats have fully ruined and seized control of all government?

Bolshevik-dick is  a paid agent hired to convince We, the People that OUR rights are insignificant and that we can surrender them to an entity not even found on this continent, and we will be safe and secure in OUR own country no longer owned by ourselves.

The bolshevik dog lies. There are people in government who actually still do represent We, the People. Not a single one of them is found in the democrat party. Some refer to them as tea party representatives, and some are. Some are simply part of the Freedom Caucus”, and others are independent.

Two things have saved America and Americans, so far. OUR Constitution is much more robust and powerful than we think. Evil, treasonous democrats, liberals and many republican politicians have been trying for years, some for decades, to seize We, the People’s power.

The military still swears an oath to the Constitution, and most will not violate, and that is what the dem/lib/progressive/eugenicists fear. We have been lucky.

For a fantastic education, take your time, do not be dismayed if you do not understand all the aspects of what I am about to reveal, but go search at .us http a site: freedomreigns.

Freedom reigns is NOT a dot com, nor is it a dot org, it is the other. FIND it and learn.

READ! Read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers.

Read, take a few minutes whenever you get online and find your future security.

Reject that treasonous pig, the bolshevik traitor. You, we have got to refute every hate-motivated lie and hateful fabrication from these agents of destruction and totalitarianism.

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