Re: “The basis of conservative is con”

The above quote is from bolshevik-dick’s hate-filled fantasy, “Pro VS Con”. Is that moron a moron?

“Con” is not the basis of the word. Neither linguistics nor language composition uses the word, “basis” to describe the roots of words. Is that moron so stupid to try to get away with the most un-scientific linguistic fundamentals in use? Is that lying piece of rat-crap trying to tell us the Latinate or Greek root of conservative is con? No, that imbecile is not smart enough to state anything clearly or factually. 

By definition conserve means, 1) “to prevent injury, decay, waste, or loss of: Conserve your strength for the race; 2) to use or manage (natural resources) wisely; preserve; save: Conserve the woodlands; 3) Physics, Chemistry. to hold (a property) constant during an interaction or process: the interaction conserved linear momentum.

So, maybe bolshevik-dick can tell us all what is outdated in one trying to conserve what one has? Picture this: Braveheart trying to conserve his farm, life, and not give up his new bride on their marriage night. Is that so unreal to try and conserve a way of life? Why do dem/libs feel this psychopathic drive to destroy everything We, the People, including democrat and ex-democrat voters (millions) want to keep?

The imbecile’s idiocy is furthered when we dissect words as real people with brains do. The latin root of conservative is serve. There is no such thing as “basis” in linguistics, it is either a “root” or an almost anything else. This illustrates how utterly removed from reality, honesty, and language science this bolshevik-dick truly is. Bolshevik-dick’s attempts to impress YOU, to manipulate YOU, to transfer your hatred from the sources of dem/lib tyranny to republic-oriented citizens and conservatives, exposes dem/lib fraud to exploit and use YOU. Plainly, he/she/it is lying to YOU!

Con is a prefix. How utterly, magnificently, sub-scholarly science-retarded is this idiot?

Dem/libs have lied so much for so long they cannot even discern their own stupidity and lies.

This gutter-rat lied to fabricate a connection between a sometimes negative prefix, “con”, that is attached to a person who has served time for criminal activity. It is, again, as usual, typically a dem/lib, hate-motivated construct to cloud the realities of visiting and/or searching CL readers.

Con, the prefix means, according to, “ “Together” and “with” are meanings of the Latin prefix con-. The prefix in question links etymologically to the preposition cum (“with”)”.’con-‘_when_translated_from_Latin_to_English?#slide=1

Conspirare, to breathe together, is a great example of the prefix in use.

So there is no negative aspect to conserve, conservative or conservatism. It is all made up to make conservatives appear arcane, cruel and inhumane. Everything the dem/libs do is designed to make decent appear to be evil while they excuse themselves from all the real evils they themselves commit: lying to YOU to manipulate YOU to surrender YOUR rights and submit, in ignorance to democrat party/liberal eugenics and genocide.

Tyranny, started by any political deceit, including the fraud of democracy, always decays to tyranny, and tyranny is murder and slavery. Find a tyranny that is not, and make that argument, anybody, anybody? 

There is nothing “forward looking”, as bolshevik-dick, claims, in 2400 year old, archaic, city-state democracy. How do dem/libs look forward while they lie and try to trick the masses into giving up this new idea of Constitutional Republic, and conserving all the freedoms We, the People enjoy as a result of some truly forward thinking, acting, and fighting founding fathers? 

What a piece of rat-butt-licking, gutter-rat-stink-gutter flotsam, lying scum.

Find that pig and beat that traitor silly. I will do it.

Oh, I just did it again, right here.

Publius- 6,733, bolshevik-dick, 0, zero, ZERO, null, zilch, nichts, nada, NADA.

Maybe rat-crap-for-soul bolshevik-dick could answer one question; just one, to actually present a real argument, based on reality and not dem/lib/eugenicist, genocidal maniacal treason and manipulation. Just one question. One point. Maybe rat-butt-hole licker would make one point for a small portion of one percent of his/her/its bludgeoned-to-death credibility.

Maybe? Dem/libs and liars refuse to engage because they know these principles and reject them.

Liars cannot engage in discussion because they cannot lie absolutely. All lies eventually lead to a truth that sinks their own fabrications, stories and psychopathy.

Hang that filthy rat!

I will pull the lever.

Oh, but I err, looking at history. Bolshevik-dick will be killed by his/her/its own masters, as always happens to the middle-men of tyranny. What a loser; a history-retard; more science-retardation, on top of all that other gutter-crap that he/she/it is: literary retarded, math retarded, reality retarded, and soul/integrity retarded.

“The basis”? How moronic! It is a laugh everyone can easily understand with a little reading and learning. Why do dem/libs not promote learning truth, history, and representation? The basis? The lame-brained, lazy, mentally-restricted attempt to impress YOU, at YOUR expense of truth, is laughable. We can all get a laugh out of the sheer stupidity these dem/libs try to dress up as intelligence. The basis? Gotta laugh at that, while we beat the crap out of that rat’s ass, right here, again, on REALITY COMMUNICATION.

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