RESPONSE TO CRAIGSLIST POST OF 3/12/18 REGARDING “The worst drought in recent history”

Re: The worst drought in recent history.

Not even close.

Not even going to bother tearing this fabrication apart.

Think about this. Why is there drought in California? Is it due to the 30 year cycles California has experienced for 200 years?

Why is there less water falling? Is it because there is less water in the atmosphere? Why is there less water in the atmosphere? Is it because there is less vaporization, due to less heat?

Is there less vaporization due to the 20 year cycle and the incoming ice age? More ice, less water, less vaporization.

I don’t need to research or google anything. Dem/libs lie all the time about everything.

I have a 100 percent record of finding and exposing the goofy, dippy, science-retarded fraud and fabrications in every pseudo-science report the dem/libs “reference”, that do not exist.

I have never found a measurement, a report, a science journal article. There simply is no science to global hoaxing. There is nothing, not even fake data or fake science.

There is not one before and after picture of anything one could say, ‘look, and observe’. There is nothing except fake meetings with fake people given fake numbers and told what to do.

See my articles at, and see just how badly I thrash the non-scientific, non-community that does not exist except to create hatred for mankind directed by political agents who work for large amounts of blood money.

Dem/libs never tell truth. 

Actually, I will eventually get around to thrashing that fabrication, should bonehead utardia/star-twit repost it.

Worst drought in recent history, lol. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Dem/libs are so stupid, they actually create the funniest things, now and then. Worst drought….with recent floods and monsoon type rains? What a moron!

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