The title, “RE: “THE OCEAN FLOOR IS SINKING FASTER THAN EVAAAAAR RECORDED” was posted on Craigslist January 7TH 2018. I attempted to post my response, and have tried recently as well, and CL refuses to publish. Sometimes I swear at CL in the title, and sometimes in the “location”, and sometimes CL will finally publish, but not this one and many others. Craigslist allows the sickest garbage from the lying la-la-land liberals and denetocrat bolsheviks, but truth is censored. CL can go to hell.

It is just too easy, and funny.
When was the ocean floor sinking last recorded? Never.
Look at the date on the copyright symbol. It is 2003-2012, Frank Osborne PhD”
This is, at best, 5 year old “data”, or writing of a maybe data or reference to maybe data.
There is no Frank Osborne PhD.
The ocean floor is sinking faster than ever, about five years ago.
Frank Osborne, footballer, can be found as the only notable person on the internet by that name. Any real scientist with a PhD, ascribing his or her name and credibility to a study or paper, will certainly be a real person in the science community, and would want to be known. No such scientist as Frank Osborne is found anywhere.
This is typical of the dem/lib/commie/globalists. They lie.
The global tyranny hoaxers fabricate and add emotion-manipulating words and co-opted terms, such as EVAAAAAAAAR to every piece of propaganda they produce. Can the nitwit not spell? One could certainly write EVEEEEEEEER, and at least include correct letters. One must surely wonder how stupid dem/lib global hoaxing writers must truly be. Are they really so stupid they cannot spell ever?
Trusting readers and naive readers might be fooled with the silly combinations of words dem/lib hoaxers throw together to form a semblance of intelligence. It is all a pretentious fraud.
Truly amazing how these dimwits think they can fabricate anything and normal people will just believe everything given to them, even though the fabrications are outrageous, sometimes outrageously funny.
Moronicus begins with a seemingly intelligent title, “Crust Deformation Processes”.
In the title, a mark of a loser, fake scientist, a message of non-science is expressed in a statement that is written so as to act also as a fact, even though the use of the word apparent, exposes the reality: that there is no evidence in the least. “Apparently”? How apparent? Through the whole pretentious fabrication, we are given no idea in the least as to how apparent this pseudo-fact is. Without a reference to a single measurement or walk to the seashore, there is ABSOLUTELY no data hence, no reality.
What is “Tide Gauge Reconstruction”?
I started dissecting this silly fabrication and will continue tomorrow.
Suffice it to say, right now, with only a scant investigation into the dem/lib/global hoaxing/communist lies, that this is a poor effort to sound scientific, while showing nothing of a scientific mind, especially excluding an understanding of anything scientific or mathematical.
This is the first sentence of the “article”, “Since tide gauge observations only sample the ocean at a limited number of locations, the difference between relative and geocentric sea level changes reconstructed from tide gauge records may diverge from the underlying basin mean or global mean difference.”
Try this interpretation: Since observations of x only sample y at a limited number of locations, the difference between relative and geocentric z, reconstructed from records of x (but not observations of x) may be different from the underlying average variable c or global average difference. An average difference or difference between an average is as impossible as it it to count to two with the number two Average requires more than one variable and this nitwit remark provides an average global difference. It is almost too stupid to describe. An average is not a difference and a difference is not an average, and this boneheaded fabrication is trying to compare the one variable and a part of the variable that makes up the variable.
What the hell is that? It is not even coherent enough to be twisted and totally disfigured to make a formula.

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