The representative process is under attack, turned against itself.

The representative process has been turned against We, the People. It started by changing the language of representation, and eliminating it in the process.
Politicians never represent the wishes of We, the People, but now, we have taken up “politics” and the political argument, battle, and political divide and party contention. We have taken up a fight because we have been manipulated and tricked into taking up politics as if politics ruled America. We have been fooled and lied to, and slowly guided into warm water that is now starting to boil. It is a political mess and the representative process has become a political representation of We represent the will of the establishment few.
We used to live in a Constitutional Republic, where we were represented in a representative self-governance. The flip-side; the switch is that now, we argue and struggle for political processes and political rhetoric, tricked and fooled into a fight for the tyranny side abandoning, not just our own representative processes, but allowing for the political agents to co-opt our language to suit political ends. Our ex-representative processes, have been commandeered and subverted. Our representative processes and language have been violated and we have had no idea, until now.
America was founded as a representative self-governing republic, but the bolsheviks, hiding behind a co-opted word, progressive, have dragged Americans to a political fight in which we, the people cannot win, both sides of a political struggle being un-representative and anti Constitutional.
To return to our traditional Representative process and restore our individual rights, we must first take up the fight to where the fight presently has slid.
We must refuse to use the political war words.
Sun Tzu has had a greater influence on the world than almost everyone in America knows. One of Sun Tzu’s principles was that physical war cannot be won without the political war being won before.
We are in a war. The war was declared aeons ago. There is always an element of mankind that believes it is better, in spite of reality. There has always been those who believe they are superior, in spite of reality. There has always been a small percentage of any population that believes has a right to rule, plunder, rape and live off the labors of others.
But America was established to prevent those who believe in predatory superioroity, using checks and balances.
The language was co-opted, or altered to place We, the People, of America, in the political battle and out of the representative process.
We must relearn the language of representative self-governance and speak it above that of the political agents representing globalist tyranny.
Your job, role, and responsibility, as an American, is to determine who speaks what language, and support that cause while fighting the cause of those who speak and wish the political processes of tyranny upon We, the People.

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