Originally published on yahoonewsreview.com, January 2, 2017, yahoo”news” reported, “Few options to protect young immigrants”

From what do “young immigrants” need protection, those they steal from through welfare; the females they are attacking and plan to molest?

Why did yahoo”news” not report, “Few options to protect young black males in the inner cities from decimation?

Why is obama more interested in muslim immigrants than Americans?

Why does yahoo”news” not investigate this disparity of concern and ensuing action

Is obama trying to present a presumption that immigrants face violence or some kind of mystical sanction? Maybe obama is trying to mobilize resources for immigrants using the pretense that they need “protection” from the bogey man?

Upon opening the yahoo“news” report the heading reads, “Obama has few options to protect young immigrants”.

What about old immigrants? None?

Why does one person need to ravage an entire nation to protect invaders that have been given fabricated enemies as excuses?

By all presumptions, and only by fake news presumptions, do illegal, invading military-aged men need our resources. This is obama trying to funnel OUR money to his allies, muslims.

Who loses? Where is the effort and resources for inner city Americans struggling and facing “few options”, as yahoo”news” is so quick to describe? Where is even a mention by the bastard president, obama, who routinely ignores the plight, challenges, lack of options for inner city people? Where is the concern? Why the concern for the invading horses over Americans?

Alicia A. Caldwell, AP, just another propaganda regurgitator, writes for yagoo”news”, “Barack Obama is under pressure during his final weeks as president to do something – anything – to secure the future of hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the U.S. as children who could face deportation under the Trump administration. His options appear few.”

Did this propaganda salotte (slut), alicia, start off with lies and presumptions by instruction or is she ignorant and deceptive all on her own?

Who has put obama under pressure? Can alicia tell us that? Why is there pressure for obama to add illegality to his already illegal, subversive, treasonous actions? Why does caldwell, not question this? Why does calwell not investigate how many children, cruelly separated from their parents, obama illegally brought to OUR country? Why has caldwell not bothered to identify the numbers of illegal invaders that are children, men,and women? Why the added presumptions to dishonest presumptions caldwell attempts to ram down Americans’ throats?

Obama has absolutely no authority, except where fabrication of “news” manipulates Americans to believe there is authority in a centralized dictatorship! Why has caldwell not questioned the ethics and legality of obama doing anything without the mandate of We, the People? Why the absolute fealty from caldwell for a treasonous series of actions?

The questions are many but the one stands out. Why is yahoo”news” involved in fabricating fake, centralized power for a traitor illegally supporting America’s enemies?

I could dissect the whole article and reveal caldwell as a treasonous salotte plastique, like megyn kelly and the plastic liberal media. The one aforementioned paragraph, by caldwell,  should be plenty to completely discredit caldwell and yagoo”news”.

Caldwell continues with a claim that children could face deportation. What children? Those separated from their parents by sick and twisted obama? What children is caldwell referring to, those from south and central America, flown in by jet, paid for by Americans against their will? Which children, those that have taken funds from inner city children? To which children immigrants is caldwell referring that will be “deported”? Would a better word be, “re-united”, with their parents? Where are the parents of these so-called immigrant children when they are taken from their parents? Are these so-called children wards and puppets of the state? Why do democrats get puppet servants but republicans do not? Is it because of some hidden agenda that keeps republicans from kidnapping and exploiting children and military aged men, or is it because of a hidden dem/lib agenda to create a puppet slave nation, or both?

Where is the question, by caldwell, to bring in the morality of forcing expenses upon Americans already struggling? Where is caldwell even questioning the validity of a better method of helping other peoples of other nations?

Where is caldwell’s mind? What happened to her thought processes about alternative solutions that do not place Rule of Law subservient to dictatorial powers?

Where is caldwell’s head and conscience in anything in that article that floats lead on water by lies and fabrications?

There is absolutely nothing rational, honest, or caring in anything that pig caldwell has regurgitated. It reflects a “person”, caldwell, that has nothing rational, honest, or caring in her soul.

Why does she presume that under the Trump administration these poor, suffering separated children will suffer by being re-united with their parents? Why does this salotte plastique, caldwell, not mention the hundreds of thousands of inner city children separated from their dead parents and missing fathers? There are millions more suffering American children that this slob, caldwell, has purposely ignored.

What kind of scum, caldwell, goes on and on about fabricated injustices, fabricated enemies and challenges, and presumption of guilt for a president-elect that has done nothing, and made no overtures to do the same treasonous acts the bastard, deceptive president obama has already done, for eight LONG years?

Caldwell is not only scum and a salotte de tyrannie, she is mentally and morally reprehensible, and should not be writing anything that requires her politicized-to-sub-human-levels, opinion.

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