Bill and Hilary lolita express trips: pedophilia, discovered by NYPD.

Unbelievable. Where is megyn kelly, matthews, chris hayes, rachel mad-cow, mika brzszszszkinszzkiiii, whatever that pig’s name is? Where are the journalists, reporters, researchers uncovering the filth and crime and graft and beastial lives and treasonous lies of the clintons and obamas? Where is arianna huff and puff, that filthy salote? Where is the whole damned liberal media?

Yes, obamas! They are cut from the same socialist/eugenecist/egomaniacal mould as the clintons.

Such filth never investigated by the filthy pig, liberal media

Obama used an alias email name to hide his involvement. How many times did obama travel on the lolita express to have sex with underaged boys?

One of her staff referred to hillary as an “egotistical psychopath.” another described an incident, “That was the most awful and terrible…and racist display- such a profane meltdown…”

Hillary claims steadiness, temperament and judgement but comes apart regularly. Crooked hillary fears the gallows, another aid revealed this, “If that (f_)cking bastard wins we all hang from nooses.” Clinton is a steady, reliable, leader” Attacking and berating her own staff?

And of course she is totally honest. If she lies to the media in the biggest fraud ever heaped upon Americans, she will surely need to continue with the deception, and who do the lies affect? We, the people, like the four murdered in Benghazi.

Wow, that was a packed meeting, at least 150 people, maybe 200, while Trump fills arenas with 15,000 and more.

I would estimate the clintons have about 4 or 5 percent of the vote, no more.

And blacks voting democrat? Not a chance.

In this youtube video, the first protester to speak is black.

Liberalnewsreview link

The questions we must ask ourselves are who else will fold and who is most culpable amongst the democrats and liberal media?

I say we take them all, including weird dave, utardia, editor-predator, the muslim brotherhood advisors in the whitehouse, obamas, chelsea clinton, all the liberal media, including megyn kelly,  and put them in jail. The 10 percent that come up with the best stories and truths of the others and the innumerable conspiracies, get 25 years in prison, NO PAROLE, AND THE REST GET THE GALLOWS!

Let the crap hit the fan….

If that bastard obama does anything except sneeze, we take the white house by force and hang him in the whitehouse yard, and have a picnic, a week-long celebration, and burn that Whitehouse administration to the ground.

NEVER again do we subject ourselves to such tyranny.

The commander in chief is appointed by OUR congress, after we have terminated graft and corruption, and only in time of war, declared by We, the People THROUGH OUR representatives.

No more political parties and a return to the proper placement and function of the Senate: that dem/libs destroyed 100 years ago.

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