As of October 28, 2016, Hillary has participated in 34 rallies, only seven being attended by over 1,000 people.

Trump, however, has had 87 rallies, 80 of which have been attended by OVER 10,000 people.

How about that poll you lying traitor to Americans, Megan Kelly!

This represents an estimated 18,000 in total attending hillary’s rallies

87 Rallies for Trump with a low estimated average, 1,305,000 people.

That is a ratio of 72 to one, 72:1, in favor of Trump.

How is that for a poll Megan Kelly, you archon, you psychopathic traitor.

Even if we take the average for a Trump rally, a conservative average at that, and impose it on an equal number of rallies as clinton, we come up with a ratio of 510,000 supporters to hillary’s 18,000.

How about that poll Megan Kelly you archon alien, psycho rat!

The ratio for an equal number of rallies is 28.3 to one. 28:1, in favor of Trump.

Where is this massive, nation-splitting support for clinton?

How about that ratio for a poll you salotte alien invader, Megan Kelly!

The polls and the lying liberal, left-wing extremist media have absconded with OUR language. The lying liberal media reinforces a negative narrative daily, and nobody has corrected their fraud.

It is NOT a case that Trump needs to win this or that state. He has already won. The flip of the narrative is that hillary has a chance: slim and next to none. One in a million, like Dumb and Dumber, ….”so there’s a chance?” Too funny, Hillary has less of a chance but the dem/libs have lied so well, the majority believes the fraud.

The narrative the lying liberals use is that Trump has a chance. The flip, the truth is hillary is behind, and always was behind.

The media has switched the perspective in a massive lie. Told enough any lie is believed. The lie is not that Trump is behind in a few polls. The lie is not that Trump must win this state or that state. The lie is not that Trump is the underdog.

The lie is not that Trump has a chance if….

The lie is not that Trump is behind.

The lie is that Trump is disadvantaged at all. The rhetoric, the truth of this race is not only flip-flopped, twisted and co-opted by the lying liberal media, Megan Kelly being one of the top agents of misinformation and treason. The truth is the situation is reversed, but the degree is totally constructed, from nothing.

Not only is hillary behind, but hillary is not even in the race. She never was.

Those disenfranchised democrats that supported Bernie supported him because he was, in their eyes, anti-establishment. The truth is that he was not, Sanders being an agent of international globalist communism, but to his supporters he was anti-establishment. These people hate hillary and everything she stands for.

They are Trump supporters now. Where is the media?

I have seen posters and signs, “NEVER HILLARY”.

Where there is a movement “never Trump”, there is a greater movement and undercurrent of hatred for hillary for being a corrupt politician, for being a clinton, for stealing from Americans, for building a hypocrisy unmatched in the history of America, and for cheating to eliminate bernie.

Where are the polls showing that, you rat-pig, lying gutter filth Megyn Kelly!

So, please, could someone point out where hillary has any support?

For any liberal media “person” to try and present hillary as a candidate even in this race is an assault on the senses and sanity of humanity. Megyn Kelly and the lying liberal dogs, contributing to the biggest fraud in American history should not just be ashamed of themselves, they should be in jail. The scope of this fraud is unbelievable and the potential is that of a greater slaughter and genocide the world has seen, and I, We, the People, can only hope the perpetrators of it, the liberal media and democrat party, get their reward for inciting violence and murder of Americans.

It might be prudent to stop this before it gets out of hand.

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