How sad. Except that is not the Muir glacier.

I also did search for Greenpeace in Svalbard. Never happened.

End of story.

There are no United Nations scientists. Can psycho (craigslist utardia) name one? No, never has, never will. Utardia (The pig-shit eater) has tried to fool us that a few names here and there, of people in universities or notable positions, are scientists, but they are not. It is that simple. Check for yourselves, as I have.

There is no scientific global climate community. There are a few writers that lie and post pictures of things other than they describe. There are a few reporters in far away countries that cannot be reached to confirm they are even distantly associated with the global hoaxers. There are frauds that allow their names to be used and there are numerous others who have no idea their names and identities are being stolen and used by the few, unidentifiable writers of global hoaxing.

Like I have stated before. The writers of the articles and “warnings” on NOAA, AAAS, WMO,, and some of the “dire warnings”, are writers, and that is all.

The writer of craigslist posts, “Missing signs of climate in an epic flood”, and, “Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.”, is the SAME “person”.

When I write that there is only a few “people” writing these articles and fabricating the innumerable lies, it is quite possible it is only one “person”

Look at the syntax, the vocabulary, the odd sentence structure of all these articles and posts. It is one source only. The global hoaxing community is a handful of lying dem/libs. That’s it. That is all there is to this “community”.

Even the moron that posts here in SLC simply copies and pastes from his/her/its own weird and disjointed, fraudulent fabrications already posted on one of these sites and from other CL locales. In addition, everything is a lie.

Again: one study; one experiment by a legit scientist; one piece of data; one measurement; one bloody hint at someone doing something even closely related to the scientific method of proving or disproving an hypothesis; maybe a formal hypothesis or a wonderment by a real scientist in a real scientific publication: any of this might lend 1% credibility to the bogus, ABSOLUTELY BOGUS, FABRICATED CLAIMS OF THIS MORON AND HIS/HER/ITS RAMBLINGS ON THESE NON-EXISTENT-SCIENTIST SITES.

There is a Muir Glacier in Alaska, but it is classed as a Little Ice Age glacier. It started retreating in the 1780’s. Yes, it is well documented that the retreat was caused by automobile exhaust, in 1780, from utardia’s clap-trap-yap. Greenpeace rode the waves into utardia’s mouth to actually do the research. It is documented at:

Ice age glaciers melt.

Ice melts, in case that moron has forgotten that ice is frozen water: H2O, dihydrogen monoxide, a deadly substance responsible for thousands of deaths in the U.S. every year. It should not be inhaled.

If Greenpeace has no reason to “document” a Little Ice Age glacier doing what Little Ice Age glaciers do, MELT, then where is the significance in anything true about this glacier? There is only significance when utardia and the lying liberal extremists fabricate fear to manipulate the masses. Revolutions kill people. That is what these disturbed, ethically-retarded dem/libs want.

The fraud and deception of this absolute butt-hole, lying cretin, utardia is unbelievable.

I have made some strong accusations and solid arguments but this bumbling boneheaded, biscuit brain cannot even rebut one. Moronic supremicus has not even tried.

Brent 3,209, utardia 0.

Has this moron no pride, no sense, no conscience?

What a moronic loser. Probably the geekiest whimp in school voted least likely to grasp reality, and voted most likely to become even more geekier.

What a loser.

A real question is, will this moron respond with something concrete to prove he/she/it is even human; has a job; or actually lives on this planet?

Really. I am quite cautious to not give away my personal information, having received scores of threats. I can beat any and all of them, but even I, supremicus, intelligentsi-smart-assius, lets my guard down and could be ambushed.

I have stated that I work, I live in the Murray Utah area, stop for coffee at Barnes and Noble in Murray, while this moron is nothing but an ethereal paper science fiction plagiarist. There appears to be nothing personable about this simpleton, utardia. He/she/it admitted he/she/it is over 2,000 miles away, assigned to work this area, and then tried to recruit me to silence me and raise the average IQ of all the dem/libs by 10 points. Raising the IQ of all dogs in the U.S., by adding my intellect is less of a gain, since dogs have higher IQs than the average dem/lib.

Seriously, kidding aside, this bolshevik agent tried to recruit me, telling me he/she/it could show me how to make money doing what I am doing. What a scum. Turn traitor for association with that pissy-pants wimp?

How sick would I have to be to do that? How desperate to be something, other than human, would I have to be to do the disgusting propaganda work of a treasonous bastard!

How does one describe such a sub-human with absolutely no potential for acquiring human characteristics? How does one; how can anyone, describe a thing that simply cannot tell a single truth, trying to deceive and manipulate others to believe the most insane, ridiculous, whacky, illogical, child-id mental-displacements?

How does one describe the evil of hatred for mankind in this moron’s mind that makes him/her/it lie with every statement made, to deceive and manipulate others to join the irrational world of liberal dementocracy? How does one describe this moronic state of languoring in liberal dementia-land?

So Obama’s (our) trillion dollar stimulus money was very poorly spent, paying an idiot/super geek to become a worse idiot and liar.

My gawd, how stupid does that make oafama sin laden?

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