Originally posted as a commentary on Craigslist, 7/22/16.

The burden of proof rests with the prosecution.

That is a simple principle of freedom. Without burden of proof the responsibility of those in authority anyone with authority could make a claim or accusation and the defendant is presumed guilty. ABSOLUTELY NOT IN OUR AMERICA.

We have rights before the law, the authority. We are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

So it should be, too. Imagine a monarchy that increases ]taxes, and hires press gangs to recruit (kidnap) men and boys for the king’s armed services so the king can get rich while others die. This verity is a sad and sick part of English history.

Imagine resistance to the king’s dictates. Without a presumption of innocence anyone that opposes, even voices a contrary opinion about the king’s dictates can be accused by the king, or the king’s corrupt authorities, and the accused is punished for no proof of crimes committed.

The prosecution of a new idea; a claim of science or pseudo-science, is no different. This principle of proving something has been a principle of science for as long as science has been considered and established as a means of discovery.

The burden of proof rests with those making new, bold, or opposing claims.

The global hoaxers, have never even begun the process and want opposing views suppressed.

The burden of proof rests with those prosecuting new science, and there is nothing the global hoaxers have given us except a christmas wish list to eliminate opposition.

The lines were carefully drawn to place those who oppose dictatorial powers, that is presumption of guilt before the law, at the discretion of corruption in government (particularly the democrat party), and those who oppose the new democrat party witch craft, global hoaxing.

All things are connected. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

Obama has muslim advisors in the whitehouse, adding to this global hoaxing attack on presumption of innocence.

There is nothing more evil regarding the innocence of people, anywhere, than shariah law. Monarchies have come and gone. The story of the king declaring himself the progeny of deity is a repeat story from history. With that “authority” comes power of life and death. How many innocent people, accused by a whimsical kingdom, have been murdered, is a mystery, perhaps a huge number, but nothing compared with the slaughter of opposing views and nations of shariah dictatorship.

Global hoaxing is just one of many evils used by shariah promoters against We, the People.

Beware, my fellow Americans. The dictatorship in the whitehouse and democrat party is flexing its muscles in creating legislation against those who oppose the global hoaxing anti-science. It is kingly; a false deity connection; an assault on presumption of innocence in America and the world. It is intended to aid the rulers of the world, including the United Nation’s world cabals, in reducing the world’s population to one billion, by war, and dictatorial gencide.

What stands in the way is America, and America must be subdued, the internationalists know, before slaughter of other nations can commence.

The global hoaxing is not so much a science movement as it is an attempt to secure authority’s silencing of opposition to absolute rule by evil “people”. Presumption of guilt is the big tool, and the goal, and the means of securing safety for evil rulership that wants immunity for its own crimes.

Shariah and global hoaxing, all tools and tactics of tyranny, no matter what age or century, are always connected. 

Shariah law is even more deadly, murderous and genocidal than the Chinese communists and communist Russia. The political entity, islam, is responsible for more deaths, murder and genocide than the tyrannies I just mentioned, combined.

It all starts with presumption of guilt, declared by dictatorship.

The global hoaxers are connected with the muslim brotherhood, the traitors in the whitehouse, the traitors of the democrat party, including the clintons, and the liberal media.

So, the burden of proof is not required to defend the status quo. The burden of proof, in this instance, is even more important left where it should logically be, with those presenting new” theories. Global hoaxing is a theory only. When it is proven it is new science, to a degree. I add this because there are so few absolutes in this world, science is just one of them. That is the reality the global hoaxing and muslim dogs are trying to destroy.

Along with global hoaxing presumptions goes the practice of presumption of innocence. That is the goal, not global warming.

The burden of proof always rests with the scientists prosecuting a new theory because knowledge is not easy to acquire. When fake or fabricated knowledge is forced upon others, for example god and king together in any monarchy, people die en masse. Why are the democrats, liberals, and muslim advisors in the whitehoue so forceful regarding this global hoaxing anti-science? Is it because they worry about the environment? If that were true then would they not, themselves, cease to drive, cease to fly, stop burning resources that add to the heat of the planet?

You see, dear readers, the hypocrisy is no small issue. The hypocrisy reveals the truth of the promoters of anti-science suppression and presumption of guilt, directed at the masses; directed at We, the People that have rights the elitists want.

This is a very important principle to understand. Kingly rule, whether it be an oligarchy or monarchy, always seeks absolute control, and it is accomplished when king can decide who is guilty, without protection of law; without protection of equality before law.

Absolutism, totalitarianism is murderous, no doubt. One of the tools, probably the best managed tool is presumption of guilt, and that is what shariah and global hoaxing seeks, working together with traitors in OUR country: obama, clintons, the democrat party and the liberal media.

We have them outnumbered at least 1,000 to 1, yet they rule OUR world. Why, is not the question. It never was. We are stuck at the question why because liberal/genocidal maniacs have commandeered the discussions. How, is the first question and how do we eliminate them, is the second question. I already know the answers to both. I voice my opinions and solutions, and that is why they attack me with such focus.

How they rule is presumption of guilt against We, the People and presumption of innocence for authority, clearly guilty of heinous, murderous, and plundering crimes.

Dictatorship, tyranny, democracy, monarchy all have prosecutorial systems wherein the authority assumes infallibility, and prosecutes without proof, without science, without fact.

Global hoaxing is more than just a discussion about saving the planet.

Global hoaxing is a subversive attack designed to eliminate presumption of innocence in America first, and then the world.

Any court can issue warrants for arrest for obama or any unelected official that prosecutes presumption of guilt against We, the People; against any individual.

It is the hidden principle of global hoaxing, not proving the prosecution of mere theories, that is the goal and danger. When the global hoaxers, liberals and progressives behind the scenes, have established global hoaxing, they have established the real goal of presumption of guilt for We, the People. When that is accomplished, society as we know it, safeties and securities for We, the People, are gone. That is the transfer of wealth, the real wealth the global rulers want. They want OUR rights to life and liberty. they want the power to inflict death. They want a transfer and transformation of living life to propagating death through the transfer of authority. It is always the goal of tyranny, democracy included, to transform powers of life to their control: power of death.

Forget the why. It is unimportant. The tragedy is not why, it is how, and it is being done right before our eyes.

Muslims have attacked and killed Americans, and there is no prosecution of the guilty. The power to live life, given in the Constitution to the masses, has already been transformed to the power to terminate life. That is real power.

Not why, but how, is the question. “How” opens the mind to seek how to stop it, and we already know.

Why obama is evil, traitorous and successful is not the question. How he accomplished this reveals how to stop him, and end his reign of terror, and then we will understand why, while he hangs for his crimes.

A simple arrest of any one of the criminals of the establishment’s good old democrat party will start a collapse of the house of cards, and we will know why.

We need only one judge to issue a warrant, and one state to seize control of the reserves and national guard, and issue drafts of the militia. Texas has the numbers. Florida has the numbers. Any state can issue a warrant and arrest obama (or any one of the democrat traitors), charge them with treason, and use military force to hold. We may inject ourselves into a bigger problem, but the bigger problem grows every day we procrastinate.

Obama has the Chinese military ready, at anchor, now. He sold America to the Chinese bankers for an excuse to invite them to invade to “secure” their loans, trillions of dollars of unauthorized servitude given to foreign powers, by the traitor-in-chief. He has, and had, no authority to do that, and will be punished.

This burden of proof in the case of anti-science global hoaxing is more serious contention than We, the People realize.

Global hoaxing is connected to the muslim dictatorships and other globalist powers: used to destroy individual, American sovereignty.

It is quite revealing that the efforts to suppress my opinions and voice, has two prongs of attack: one is the obvious political force trying to destroy republican/conservative/constitutional law principles, and the other is the subtle attack on presumption of innocence, which ultimately, by design, will be the beginning of totalitarian judgement, making for totalitarian rule.

Utardia and star-twit/the editor/traitor/buffoon, both attack with these two main facets. They are inseparable.

Dear readers, go back and see how oppressive these topics are. Look at how forceful the “writers” promote and propagate the ideals. They are connected by the sources. It is irrefutable.

The two monsters propagating totalitarian lies and hate, bombard us with fabrications and propaganda regarding the two topics ad nauseam. That is the telltale sign.

Find the filthy dogs and prosecute them for treason.

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