One theme in the history of the world is dumbing down propaganda.

One theme in the history of the world is dumbing down propaganda.
When has a search for truth ever been a waste of time. The history of the world is an endless number of adventures in search of knowledge, and the dem/libs constantly tell the masses to not bother. This is the dumbing-down process often spoken of by purveyors of “trust me, I’m from the government.”
Dumbing down” is not only an attempt to restrict assimilation and processing of knowledge. Dumbing-down is an attempt to mislead another and others, generally large groups of potential slaves, to misinformation and destructive habits. it is the process whereby measured and controlled intelligence overpowers intellect.
Name one person, one individual that does NOT deserve to be intellectual and preserve his or her spirit for life after death.
The dem/libs and especially the progressive murderers behind the scenes, consider most of humanity as lesser animals, not worthy of intellect and personal growth. Along with that they presume to be smarter (when they are NOT), and presume to make decisions for the “ignorant masses”, that benefit themselves and NOT the masses. All history of mankind is massive fraud and deception to hide that. And this is just what star-twit/utardia/dem/lib NAZI is at work doing in SLC, and other places.
Why would someone not want you, dear fellow citizen, to discover truth in my words?
My posts are on those sites I have listed, but for some “mysterious” reason butthole/dem/lib/NAZI/traitor is trying to dissuade you from doing a search for truth, for yourself.
How can you grow unless you grow? You may need to think that over. Dem/libs would not figure it out because they don’t want to. They are happy with stifled minds, and suppressed conscience, and want the same of others. It is easier to slaughter and eat a chicken running in a coop, than it is to slaughter and eat a pet chicken. This is the hurdle dem/libs face. They need, NEED, for the masses to be dumbed-down, and unworthy of human considerations, and so they work at it.
How do you, dear fellow American, feel when you realize a major portion of America wants the masses, YOU yourself, to be ignorant and incapable of discerning truth and fact from fraud and fiction, so you can be ruled and eliminated with impunity and without conscience?
How do you, dear fellow human being, feel knowing there is a mainstream, massive movement afoot, to dumb down the “ignorant” masses and deny them, We, the People, the rights to be smart and individual, worthy of all the blessings of being human.
How do you, dear fellow American, feel knowing there is massive effort to subject you to hypocrisy that denies you the fruits of your labors?
Welcome to liberal la-la-land, where the morally defunct and cause-and-effect retarded liberals and progressives, rule you out.
Do you, dear fellow American, want to be and remain human? Do you want your spirit, if there is such a thing, to live on or fade like foam on the surf? There is intellect for you to discover, and not a single dem/lib/progressive/monster wants to allow this for you; for We, the People. Will you search for my words or will you be driven like a dumb animal to dem/lib/progressive priests of moloch genocide?
Will you be human enough to at least look up moloch. Who is, right here, right now, pressing, coaxing, and encouraging you to grow in knowledge and understanding? “Trust me”, I, brent/thirdoptbybrent/publius, dare not plead. Trust yourself, and learn. Learn beyond what I can write here.
READ, and know, and live free of manipulations from any source, self included, if that is what I am doing.
When the dem/lib “writers” inform you that they did a search for “something”, and did not find it, and then they tell you to not waste your time, they are telling you to remain dumbed-down animals, ready for farm labor existence, and slaughter at their will.
When asshole utardia claims global hoaxing, I mean warming, has a scientific basis, I plead with you, my fellow citizens to not believe me, but go to the site and see the fraud for yourselves, while the dem/libs try to stop you, us, We, the People from checking out my words. Please, I implore, go find the “scientific basis “ of which utardia/whatever, and all dem/libs, in all areas, speak.
Do not believe me, but apply the consistent, human, characteristic of discerning truth from fraud. Do all the same with dem/lib words and “works” as you do with mine, but know….

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