I have asked innumerable times for any dem/lib to point out just one of my lies. Is it the lie that the United States was founded as a Constitutional Republic? That’s actually a fact? Is it a lie that the founding fathers wrote and submitted letters to the public regarding their progress and ideas of creating a new nation where all people would have individual liberties the world had never seen before? That is a fact. The letters to the public, read throughout the colonies in public squares and taverns, are now a collection of chapters in a book called, “The Federalist Papers”.

The writers, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison used the pen name “Publius” because they were afraid of the ruling monarchists and British military. 

Is it true or false that there is no “tea party” per se? There are tea party representatives that came from working people tired of the establishment politics, in both parties. Tea party representatives have adopted principles that the founding fathers and colonists fought for that gained American independence. The main point of “tea party” principle is that the representative answers to the people of the constituency, not a party, not a “leader”. So, is it a lie that tea party is not a party, just regular citizens that wanted to return representative government to its fundamental ideals: representation?

I mention the Bill of Rights often. Is it true that there is no other country in the world that has a Bill of Rights for every individual? What is the Bill of Rights and what does it do? Read and find out, my dear fellow Americans.

Is it true that dem/libs seldom, if ever, mention these things? Well, they do, always in a derogatory manner because they do NOT want Americans to have independence. The democrat party has always been a party trying to return America to ruler law, oppression, tyranny, and totalitarian government where the few (dem/libs themselves) plan to rule, rape and exploit the masses.

Of course some dimwits will start regurgitating liberal stupidisms from the limited number of lying/talking points.The founding fathers, for example, had slaves and were unqualified to establish a constitutional republic with rights for all. Should we abandon the constitution? Who loses then? Blacks lose because the amendments that gave equality to blacks were found in the Bill of Rights. These amendments were resisted by democrats, bye the way. Is that true or a lie? The votes can be easily found on the net with a search for history of the amendments.

So, what lies am I guilty of? Are the Koch brothers rich? Yes, thank god there are some rich republic-minded citizens available to counter the oppressive, obscene amounts of money dem/libs have, from corporations, at their disposal.

Are the Koch brothers spending money on the constitutional republic, and republic principles? Yes. Are the Koch brothers, as dimwit “writer” mentioned yesterday, in control of the republican party? How can one corporation of two brothers do that? Is that stupid or what? Whose lie is that, if it is not mine?

How much money did Hill-billary receive from the Russian communists? How much money from numerous enemies of America have the clintons received? Could we say that foreign, antagonistic elements, control the democrat party? Why does dimwit starfleet or herr kommisssar1313 not mention this or apply consistent criticisms of all those who have financial backing? It is a fraud and outright deception to hide facts from public purview when those facts are used to, not just indict others, but destroy others.

Destruction and totalitarian rule is the goal of the democrat party and liberals, all put up to various attacks and destructions by the progressive murderers behind the scenes.

Who cares about Americans, the one who relates historical facts or one who lies and hides the truths? Am I lying about any of my opinions, theories, or attempts to connect fact and principle with reality of the foundation and strengths of America? Or is someone else trying to manipulate masses of Americans through ignorance-creating-deception and tactics to deflect from truth while suppressing insidious democrat party goals?

Again, maybe dimwit or ap1313 (agent provocateur1313) would care to tell us why it was a mistake the founding fathers made when they rejected democracy? Maybe either lying piece of shit would care to inform us and educate us all what freedoms each and every American would have without a Bill of Rights?

Maybe either asshole could clarify which nation it was that supplied Hitler’s enemies (the allies) that ultimately led to the liberation of Europe. Was it communism that facilitated the unprecedented growth in production to defeat NAZI fascism, or was it American entrepreneurialism, and freedom, that overwhelmed Germany with production and war materials? With so much failure of socialism, communism, monarchy and democracy throughout the world, maybe either traitor could explain what obama’s socialism could do that no other socialism could do, and how?

I could go on and on, and sometimes go to great lengths to make connections of principles, reality, fact and truth. Where are my lies?

I am called names that make no sense, while I refer to the liberal writers as communists, traitors and, marxists. I define the words and compare activities and behavior of marxists, commies, and traitors to the actions and words, unbelievably obvious and blatant, to the democrats and liberals, specifically the words of starfleet, SPP, altus, “jerry mander”, weird dave (aka starfleet), agent provocateur 1313, and so many others.

When they lie and mislead Americans to believe, for example, that the founding fathers tried to give the presidency more centralized power to rule, when in fact they had just rebelled and won independence from that very same type of centralized power, these assholes elevate themselves above the masses in an attempt to enslave the masses and gain from that generated fear, exploitation and plunder.

That is treason. Is that true, or not?

When obama threatens congress, he in fact is threatening Americans. Congress is WE, THE PEOPLE and a threat against our representatives is a threat against US! Obama, today, July 13 2015, made that threat, basically identifying Americans, as duly represented in OUR House of Representatives, as his enemy.

I have maintained that obama has waged war against America since before he was elected (he cheated), and this day he elevated and clarified his attack on American individual sovereignty. Obama has delivered a threat against we, the people, making himself our enemy.

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