The problem with anything liberals/democrat/NAZIs say is that there is no science,no cause and effect.

The problem with anything liberals/democrat/NAZIs say is that there is no science, no cause and effect. I refer to them as cause-and-effect-retards.
A simple fact: America has a middle class. America has wealth in the middle class. This includes blacks, gays, illegal invaders (which is why they came here), and other politically divided “groups”. The cause of this effect is certainly not socialism. It is not communism. It is not anything except a free market kept free by keeping government out. That has been the truth for 200 years. It must be the truth because even the lying leftists have let it slip that the system of “capitalism” has given us what we have today (right or wrong). They do acknowledge, in negative criticism, that America is the shining light in the whole world. What makes America shine? The freedoms and wealth of Americans, especially the middle class, set America, along with individual liberties, apart from all other societies in the WHOLE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. So the moron dem/libs want to change the cause and get the same effect? Is that not Einstein’s definition of insanity?
This is it. Cause and effect right before our eyes.
So the reverse engineering of cause and effect is to look at other systems and see the effects.
Where do we see a strong middle class, Russia? Sure, living in apartments, provided by “state”, working and being “supported” by state, and living in poverty imposed by “state” could not be considered middle class standards. Unless, of course, the cause-and-effect-retard dem/libs are going to try and re-define (co-opt) a definition of middle class to include Russian poor.
China has wealth. They must, they loaned America money. Is there wealth for the middle class in China? Living on six dollars a day is not middle class standards. How many Chinese own their own homes? Do any?
Socialism, communism and marxism do NOT produce a middle class. Why do we want communism or socialism in America, or do We, the People truly want socialism? Is it possible dem/libs have convinced Americans that “other” Americans, that make up some conspicuous majority or large group, want socialism?
Why do democrats, liberals, and progressives want communism in America? There must be a reason but it cannot be that it produces wealth for the masses: the middle class. It just does NOT happen. Is that a truth, a verity, rational people live with or is that a truth dem/libs fabricate ad infinitum to escape and hide?
What is it the ethical retards, WVC moron included, want for We, the People, if it is not cause and effect wealth and security for the masses from a free market?
Is it possible, as I have stated for a decade, that the elitists in the dem/lib party and their lying puppet agents of tyranny, want what other communist/socialist regimes want: rule and plunder? What else could it be?
To lie about it all, and pretentiously claim they want something for the poor, is a disease of ethics that shows through, and the VAAAAAAAAAST majority of Americans see it. If We, the People did not see it, We, the People would not have kicked those bastard liars and frauds, pigs of politics over representation, out on their sick and stinking asses in the last two elections.
As I have stated over and over, America knows tyranny when We, the People see it. There is no way Obama sin laden won either election. Read my posts, thirdoptbybrent, found in other locations, for a clear and logical explanation.
Is that cause and effect retardation by lost in la-la-land libbies found anywhere else? It is found EVERYWHERE a liberal opens his/her/its mouth. With everything a liberal writes and says, he/she/it reveals their VAAAAAAAAAAAAST stupidity, or gross deception. Either is nothing We, the People can rely upon, or want.
Something produced the wealth of America, as found in the middle class right now. Something produced wealth in America, as found in the wealth of the very rich. Something produced wealth in America, as found in the wealth of the democrat party, and it is NOT what libbies claim. Remember, they either lie, or are lost in that no-man’s land between liberal fraud and liberal delusion.
I have waited for a decade for a liberal to show a socialistic system that works. Europe, they will claim, is an example of working socialism. WRONG! There is no middle class in Europe. Europeans have no individual rights. All countries in Europe are swirling in the toilet even as I write this. Maybe Germany is not as bad, but Germans have no rights. The libby media does not report the extensive German police oppression and violence against German citizens. The liberal media does not report that Germans have no individual protections from oppressive, monopolistic, capitalistic government.
Where is a shred of fact from liberal stories? Daily we see that moron starfleet/SPP/altus write attacks against myself, for no reason other than he/she/it hates. I point out the cause and effect retardation, and the lies, while the imbecile calls me names and fabricate all kinds of imaginations that deflect from his/her/its total lack of reason and logical argument.
Every day I ask that idiot to explain why the founding fathers rejected democracy and chose constitutional republic. We all see the whack-job’s replies: a day in the life of brent…. There is a cause and effect in debating, presenting an argument in favor of something. We have yet to see this adult trait from that dimwit, lying piece of shit starfleet/WVC retardomatic, from ap1313, and all the agent provocateurs hired to misinform and lead Americans to low-class, comfortable slavery.

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