Re: Dylann Roof shooting and Obama’s fake sorrow.

Re: Dylann Roof shooting and Obama’s fake sorrow.
Is it “propaganda” that the founding fathers saw democracy for the veiled tyranny it is, and consequently rejected it, designing, instead, a system of self governance that works?
Maybe the self-centered, child-id reptilian-brain liberal monsters just hate all things that do not give them the candy in the candy store they want right now.
Michael Savage stated The black Christian church is the bedrock of the black community. The black Christian congregation is more than a bedrock of the black community, It is one of only a few surviving bedrocks of all America. The attacks by liberals on Christianity, values, morality, ethics and love of country has led to this atrocity.
American Christians killed by democrats and liberals include more blacks: unborn babies and democrat victims in wars.
It was the democrats that got America into Vietnam. It was the democrat party that enlisted a greater number of blacks and sent innumerable units of all-black soldiers to their deaths in Vietnam, by ambushes with unsupported incursions. It was suicide for thousands.
This monster, obama, was raised under a no values liberal society. All Christian values driven out of the schools and youth.
Obama puts on a sad face when American blacks are killed. The faker, the liar, the hater of America who claims to be “black” hates blacks. He is part of the swamp machine that purposely kills, in many ways, more American blacks than any other cross-section. Obama is not black. In spite of the words that democrats and liberals express, their actions expose the truth that they hate the American black community. Obama is leading the nation in hate and this monster, killer, Roof, is the result of that liberal/progressive hate.
The questions will not be asked by an imbecile president, Obama, nor congress. What happened in this kid’s head to make him trip like he did? Is it possible that all the “investigational drugs” being “tested” in every city in America, create conditions of mental disorientation?
Obama pulled a sad face, no tears, no sincerity, as all could see, and then he was off to join Michael, I mean Michelle and the Obama children on a nice vacation paid for by the American working man’s dollar. Obama had a smile quickly painted on his face, right after he gloated about more destruction in the black community. He was poorly hiding his enjoyment at expressing more American black deaths.
I don’t like referring to the black community as a separate entity. There is no separate black community when we look at middle class, working people. American blacks and American whites enjoy the same opportunities and suffer the same deprivations in poverty stricken communities.

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