Regarding the liberal/democrat party fantasy world.

The illegal alien issue is another example of liberals lost in la-la-land.

I will forego my consistent claim that liberals purposefully hide their evils behind ignorance. I have claimed for years that it is impossible that liberals are as stupid as they appear. But I set that argument aside for the moment and speak directly to the issues and the facts liberals ignore, all to reveal the folly and lack of logic in their own arguments and claims.

The issue is that foreigners are invading America. Dem/libs erroneously call it immigration.

Foreigners, without permission of those who own the country, that is We, the People, are being aided in breaking law. This makes those that aid and abet the law-breakers also breakers of law. Just taking republican majority into consideration, the law breakers and invaders are not here by consent of We, the People. Taking overall American wishes into consideration, the invaders and aiders and abettors are a tiny minority. Either America is a democracy and majority rules or America is a republic, and the representative process is required.

Who is illegally bringing foreigners into America? The act of bringing unqualified, unwanted, and undocumented people into America is illegal. It is that simple, and further illegal when We, the People say no. WE HAVE SAID NO!

The progressives/liberals, sponsors of world tyrannies and genocide for well over a hundred years, are aiding an invasion of America. It matters not if the people entering this country are children, or decent people. The system, OUR system of keeping OUR culture of representation and legal self-governance, free of undermining and destruction, is being attacked and destroyed by those that claim kinship with democracy and a love of fellow beings. Nothing, considering the assault on OUR wishes alone, could be further from the truth.

The dem/lib aiders and abettors do NOT have a love of Americans, or respect in the least. They do, however, have an alliance with collaborators of the elitist, political class: their partners in treasonous crime. Even in this statement, love cannot be factored in because haters of the American majority and American representation and culture, love nothing. A little considered example is that it is no secret that a large segment of American population despise, even hate, the flag: the flag that represents We, the People.

Under just conditions in America (and any country), according to legal and lawful collective defense under-written by We, the People, immigrants are invited after they have applied and been determined qualified. Who has skirted and is currently skirting this legal and lawful process? Skirting any legal process, violating the law, makes any perpetrator in violation of the law. Why have democrats turned against Americans and how have they done it with impunity? Where is OUR judicial branch?

Foreigners are not invited unless invited by We, the People. Where is the lawfully required representative process in any of this tyrannical mess that We, the People are refused? Representation, key to the American Constitutional Republic, is almost extinct.

Naturally, justly guaranteed, We, the People are represented in all governing, often, as in many cases, after-the-fact, but it is our wish after the fact to allow certain, qualified people into America. That is the legal and lawful fact and process. There are quotas We, the People, through representation, have decided and these quotas and all attendant laws have been grossly violated: rendering OUR unified collective defense also violated.

Obama and the democrats, and now some of the republicans, are in violation of this process and OUR laws, and hence in violation of We, the People, rendering our security a matter for the politicos, protected from illegal invasion, as a weapon wielded against We, the People in an extortive manner. Criminals are being invited into OUR country by those that claim to operate in our benefit, while breaking OUR laws that define and solidify OUR collective defense.

The liberal fantasy of just this issue has many tentacles of deception, all given false credibility by presumption based on clichés and long-standing media fraud.

Why do We, the People not have access to “protection” under the law (collective defense) that the politicos have?

The underlying fraud and danger is protectionism, presented as benevolence. 50 years of the so-called progressive/liberal/democrat party war on poverty; fake benevolence, and there is more poverty now than ever in America. So-called progressive/liberal/democrat party benevolence has NOT been benevolent. It has done the opposite acting upon all out of the political class. To clarify, the political class is not the representative class. The political class is the subversive government, the un-representative, anti-representation government that makes laws in a democracy separate and independent of We, the People and our representative process. It has protected democrat and liberal politicos and their corporate allies, and the illegal invaders for decades: unknown, unidentified and unaccountable to the majority of Americans. The majority in this case is not the political majority we have been conditioned to accept as a representative majority. The majority of which I speak is almost all of America except “law-makers” in the underground government, maybe one or two percent of our overall population.  

The latest protectionist fraud claiming benevolence for We, the People is the Fast Track Free Trade bill.

Simply put: free is not free when regulated. It is a simple principle: any thing that has added scrutiny loses a degree of free. For example: I went to the farmer’s market. A fellow was selling honey. I traded him honey for some peas. When government decides how much money I make, or that there must be an exchange of a common currency (money), our freedom to trade “freely” is greatly reduced. There is a free agreement between the honey producer and myself, and when another entity is injected, that entity draws off my production and the honey producer’s gain, and his production, and my gain. It is forced upon us, and we do not want it. There is a cost involved, which is not the bye-product of democrat/liberal/progressive governing, rather, it is the goal.

Governing siphons off production. It is the necessary evil the founding fathers spoke of. It is the necessary evil that needs to be controlled, or it controls the producers.

Take notice that the word producer is never associated with government. Government produces nothing, creates nothing, and invents nothing. Government taxes production, invention, and creation. Even good government, small government costs money, and that funding cannot come from government that produces nothing, creates nothing, and invents nothing.

Trade is not creative. It trades production of two producing bodies or entities. Government, traditionally regulates trade in favor of the citizens over foreign entities. Obama and the administration are reaching into trade where they should not be. He, alone, acting in a dictatorial fashion, is trying to assert his influence in areas the presidency is not allowed. We need no fast track on anything. Fast track is haste, haste is waste for some and gain for others. Who gains?

The fake anti-corporate Obama has friends in the highest places, and the biggest corporations in the world will benefit. Google, Microsoft and others.

This is a clear indication that America truly has been transformed as Obama promised, into a fascist/communist/democrat party tyranny.

Fulfilling America’s needs is the sole purpose of immigration. It is a function of government and therefore falls under the representative process We, the People already control, except where control has been usurped by aiders and abettors of invasion and subversion. Simply trying to circumnavigate OUR Representative process, in this or any department, is subversion, and thus a degree of treason can be attached. This is the legal distinction we, and The Law, identify as aiding and abetting an enemy.

It is NOT America’s role in the world to provide anything to anyone else.

This is not to say we provide no care or contribution to the rest of the world: America does more that any other country. America does more per capita (excluding Sweden only), and more in sheer volume and financial aid than any other country.

Why, if dem/libs are so interested in minorities, do they not invite Buddhists from China or Japan? Why are there no caravans of Daoists or Seventh Day adventists from Australia?

Why no caravans of indigenous peoples of Myanmar, suffering genocidal attacks from a tyrannical government?

Immigration is a function of OUR representative process. Immigration is a function of a government agency under the control of the general government, OUR government, except where commandeered by the subversive political class of the underground government. True immigration, as a function of government, is truly a function of We, the People. It is not done to provide aid, finances, or charity. Immigration is not a function of “sharing the wealth” or any form expressed by the underground political class that claims it is “sharing the wealth”.

Who has been trying to convince we the People that “sharing the wealth” is a function of OUR government? Who has been trying to convince We, the People that unless we surrender OUR sovereignty and wealth, we are not good and decent people? Who has tried to convince We, the People that we should seek to be world citizens? Who has been telling these lies and propagating these frauds that undermine OUR collective defense?

The answer is that those living in liberal la-la-land, the political class; the subversive class that forces We, the People to charity at OUR expense and risk, is the same class that grows filthy rich and builds walls to protect themselves. We, the People gain “nice” self-aggrandizing nothings from the libbies and democrats who contribute only that which they steal, by subversive governing, from We, the People.

In fact the subversive governing, and aiding and abetting of invaders is extremely detrimental, virtually hatred of We, the People.

Competition for jobs drives wages down, keeping all America working at a slave labor rate and, most effective for tyranny’s continued grip, begging the underground anti-representative political class for relief.

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