The republicans have done everything! How dare that fraud, Obama

The republicans have done everything! How dare that fraud, Obama, try to suggest that fulfilling representative obligations is not right and good for America. Some republican representatives have represented the will of We, the People. That is the core of doing what is right, and it is exactly the “something” We, the People want! Obama does not speak for anyone because the minority moved over to the democrat side, as evidenced by the last two midterm elections in which democrat politicos were kicked out on their asses in record numbers.
I could end there because this unique system of self-governance is everything.
Nowhere in the world, nowhere, at no time, has a system of self-governance existed with a Bill of (individual) Rights to keep all men, all citizens free of government sponsored, initiated and executed oppression, tyranny and genocide.
If the republican representatives did nothing, and that is what We, the People want, then the republican government did EVERYTHING!
There is no argument that lying dem/lib “writer” can make. All that is left for dem/lib “writer” to do is lie and fabricate that somehow, magically, government is supposed to “do” something to be proper and effective. This time around OUR representatives did what WE, THE PEOPLE wanted.
But there is more to rat-morals “writer” from the central democrat NAZI party politburo than is obvious.
Why do dem/libs lie? They lie because they have no viable, beneficial truths for Americans and America.
The lies are as follows.
Rat-soul writes, “…100 days….”. That is the crux of an argument that the republicans have done nothing?
Obama has been in office for almost 2300 days. The unemployment rates are higher, so he has not accomplished putting, “…Americans back to work…” The inequity of incomes has worsened, especially amongst democrats and their friends (Solyndra, Chinese Bankers etc.), so Obama Sin Laden has not accomplished “share-the-wealth”. The racism issue has grossly exacerbated, but pigs and liars that owe millions in taxes (Clintons and Al Sharpton especially), are exempt from sharing their wealth and are allowed to verbally attack and issue threats against other races.
Barack, muslim brotherhood, Obama has not accomplished taxing the rich. Americans have died while Obama, bastard president and hilly-billary watched them die and ordered stand downs. Obama failed, or refused to accomplish justice, equality before the law, and not even the least of three: a modicum of fairness. I could go on and on with everything.
Why does dimwit agent provocateur 1313 have such a hatred for truth? How can Americans stand to be around such a vile and filthy rat? Nobody that hates America with such deep, dastardly disdain would have friends if people around that pig knew just how much he/she/IT lied.
Here are the lies:
Sex trafficking bill had nothing to do with a tea party representative. It was held up by democrats when they had the senate, and then obama vetoed it for months.
Got to laugh, “Robert’s Rules of Order…”? No such segment or “Doodley Squat” What an asshole! Find that bastard, Everybody that he/she/it lies to gets to punch him/her/it in the thigh, for a massive charlie horse (see Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary procedure sections A, S, S)! What a dimwit. Does retardo think people will believe the silly little fabrications? Yes, sadly, that is the point. Ignorance rules when not challenged with reality. The dem/libs live in la-la-land because tyranny’s traitors lead the ignorant to slavery.
Dick-head then lists numerous things pointing fingers at the first 100 days of republican majority, while incriminating the democrats for the same failures for six years, or 2,190 days, approximately 22 times as long. Republican failure is about 4.5 percent of the gross failure of democrats.
Which is more incriminating, failure in six years or a slow beginning of 100 days? But it was not failure in six years. It is outright, blatant destruction of America. That is treason! My gawd, the sick and twisted gall of that rat-filth to judge republican representatives for 100 days while ignoring 2200 days of lies, fraud, and treason, is just too difficult to describe.
Who does that bastard think he/she/it is, to lie to Americans as he/she/it does? This is unbelievable. There is absolutely nothing truthful in anything “writer” has written. In fact it is worse than that. Fabricator, agent provocateur 1313, goes to great lengths injecting ideals that do not belong. Government is not established to do anything for We, the People. We do it ourselves. The law is OURS. Representation is how we keep the law. But the checks and balances are regularly undermined and destroyed by dem/lib lying pieces of rat-filth!
Hang that traitor with the other traitors, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Matheson, Hatch, Feinstein, the Clintons, all the liberal media, and the U.S. Caliph for muslim tyranny: Obama sin laden hisseff.
Is “writer’s” last sentence a joke? What republican, or any person believes that? How stupid can a dem/lib be? Not even that stupid. NO! This is propaganda and hatred, very similar to NAZI propaganda, from the central democrat party Reichstag.
So, why did the founding fathers hate and reject democracy? How did the founding fathers identify and institute Constitutional Republic? What are the differences?
Why do liberals lie about the very foundation of this great American Republic? Do they hate America and Americans so much they will tell the most egregious, sick lies? So it seems.
Read, my fellow Americans. Read OUR, YOUR Bill of Rights that keeps We, the People free.
READ the essays found in the book, ‘The Federalist Papers”, and know what the founding fathers knew about tyranny, and what they GAVE US, WE, THE PEOPLE, to check and thwart tyranny by any name, and live free.

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