The Moors in Hispania, (latin) were settled by Arabs. This explains the dark skin of hispanics.

How dare these nitwit liberals challenge my knowledge of history. To state that Mexicans and hispanics do not have arabic blood and then provide nothing to back their theories, once again, reveals liberal child-id imbeciles hoping nobody exposes their fraud.
The Moors in Hispania, (latin) were settled by Arabs. This explains the dark skin of hispanics. In fact the history of the influence of Arabic (Semitic) blood has a global influence. The Spanish Armada defeat at the hands of the British fleet, that launched the British fleet to worldwide naval supremacy for hundreds of years sent many Spanish ships to the bottom of the English Channel, but numerous ships landed in Ireland. The weather played a large part in this. This explains dark Irish, as they are called. We are familiar with the Irish being of celtic blood: fair skinned, red or blond hair, but there was an influx of Arabic blood that produced blue-eyed, dark Irish peoples.
In fact history records significant events in Spain’s descent and cultural changes. El Cid, of Spanish nobility fame, is credited with purging much of Spain of the barbaric and murderous, imperialistic Arabs in Spain, defending the north returning Spain to its original culture. Southern Spain was Moor.
Why did Spain not retain its muslim heritage, if it ever had one? The truth is that there was a significant muslim population in the south of Spain, ruled by Arabic princes. These southern Arabic princess decided to expand north and they were not only met with fierce resistance, many were destroyed and/or sent from Spain. El Cid was born of this resistance.
The word semite is derived from Sumer, Shumer, Shemite, or the Shemite region of Iraq, and includes many peoples all of similar origins, from which Israelites emerged. Arabs and Jews are Semites with common ancestry. Hebrew comes from the word apiru, or habiru, meaning disenfranchised. The Phoenicians were sea traders but there were Phoenicians that settled inland. During the drought years recorded in the bible, when The Israelites left the land of Canaan to survive in Egypt, the Israelites, part of the inland habiru culture, but not the inland Phoencian economy, sought to survive and as a separate people they left Sumer, and settled in a relatively unoccupied part of Egypt. The Hebrews did not have the resources of the sea-farers but were still of the same blood lines. The economically dispossessed Phoenicians were still Phoenicians: and Habiru or Hebrew. Theories abound, but there are other records of Apiru/Habiru settling in Egypt, not being slaves.
Who was (were) the Sumerian god(s)? Were the Sumerian gods the god(s) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as the bible records? No. They were not the same. Were the Israelites the only group to adopt the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Perhaps they were the main influence in Egypt, taking their God with them, but they never had the numbers when compared to the Arab nations. Habiru/Sumerian/Phoenician/ Canaanites were in existence long before the Hebrews or Israelites and even longer before the muslims.
How did Islam conquer so many Arabic/Sumerian/Phoenician nations? Hebrews and Arabs, Canaanites, for example were not just cousins, and related, but they were brothers of the same ancestry. When did the Arabs become muslim, and why and how?

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