Very good points libby rat-brain made, brent is blah blah blah…., brent is blah blah blah….., and brent is blah blah blah.

Those are all very good points libby rat-brain made, brent is blah blah blah…., brent is blah blah blah….., and brent is blah blah blah.
So what if brent is anything? Why do libbies not address the facts and points of the arguments?
That hatred, for no reason except libbies hate, will surely convince any conservative/republic-leaning American to join the democrat cause.
The truth is that pictures with fabricated captions provide no evidence or proof of anything. The libbies cannot mention history because it exposes their hatred for truth and principle. To hide their fraud they attack people personally and mislead Americans from truth and fact. They cannot, for example, explain why the founding fathers rejected democracy for the tyrannical fraud it is.
Jeb Bush, out? YAY! But who says so, a lying libby? What gives these dimwits any credibility? Is it opinion, like my points have at least the same, opinion? They write as if their opinion counts but mine does not: only if readers accept it. The liars can lie and fabricate all they want. If nobody believes it, it is moot. Read all views, my dear fellow Americans, and believe none until something real and truthful sticks.
For example, why do libs refer to and identify America as a democracy when America was founded as a Constitutional Republic? Why do libbies ignore and avoid speaking to the issue that obama has acted in a treasonous manner releasing enemy combatants?
That’s it, an attack on me? What points or argument does that prove? Like third graders they write a sentence of a cliché, attach it to a (twisted) cartoon, or picture out of context, and call it an argument. WOW! Such childishness from the left is nothing new.
Michael Savage, Rush, Dennis Prager, all the conservative talk show hosts and hostesses hit the nail on the head when they speak of the childish, immature liberals and liberal arguments. Promising a “million bucks for a ride when you get me there” is the depth of liberal representation: NOTHING IN THE REALM OF REALITY!

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