Rand Paul Believes that climate change is real.

So what?

I believe that climate change is real too. I woke up this morning and noticed it was not 10 degrees, like it was January 10th, 2015. Do dem/libs also believe in time change? I woke up this morning and the time was different from when I went to bed. Observation makes science, to dem/lib  simple minds

I wonder, Do libbies weigh themselves before taking a crap and after, compare numbers, and call it weight loss?

Change is inevitable. But what is NOT inevitable is that mankind adjusts. On the history channel it was stated that the earth has been in a warming trend since the last ice age. Is that because neanderthal and homo habilus automobile emissions started warming the earth?

My gawd, how irresponsible and childish is it for “writer” to make such a stupid claim that Rand Paul “believes in climate change”. Did “writer” clarify? No, “writer” made a statement, a portion of another’s words, totally out of context, and then added his/her/its fabrications based on presumed credibility.

Maybe “writer” could tell us how Rand Paul, or anyone could NOT believe in climate change when he sees the seasons change.

I too believe in weight loss, after a crap. I even submit an environmental impact report after every crap. The trend is that after every crap I lose weight. This must mean I am in a weight loss trend. Funny how weight loss translates to an extra ten pounds every year. But, it is weight loss because I only look at observations I want to see, excluding all other variables and data I consider useless because the trend is that I WANT to tell people I have been losing weight. Are libbies that dishonest, or that stupid?

Take a 10,000 year warming trend and identify data that would isolate the cause of the effect. That would be the scientific method of proving or disproving an hypothesis. What variables have the liberals isolated with a logical explanation? NONE? The “scientists” have not even identified the variables they wish to observe, study and measure. The fundamental beginning of a scientific study or experiment is not known, much less understood, in dem/lib global hoaxers’ minds. What data, from 10,000 years ago, was collected and observed?

Ask that one scientist, Joe, the guy that was in a picture with another guy, John, at the IPCC convention (where they are told what to think, and are given absolutely no data. John was the janitor and Joe the principal of the school where they covered the school sign with IPCC.

The dem/libs provide no deep explanation, only fear mongering and unified lies. But wait, we have been in a cooling trend for 20 years. That is a fact. Did we not just have 15 states in the northeast and midwest report unusual cold and snow in April?

15 states report record cold, longer and later winters, more snow, and that is, magically,  global warming. Isolated variables? Not even identified much less observed and measured. Colder than average for a longer than average winter adds immensely to the dropping average temperatures locally, regionally and across the country. Did dem/libs “forget” to be scientific or did they refuse? Either way, it reveals their agenda is NOT, absolutely not, science.

So what if Rand Paul believes in climate change? What change does he “believe in”? Does he believe in climate changing from morning to evening? Does he believe in pollution causing polar bears to swim far distances? Oh, they already do that.

I doubt that “writer” presented the truth anyway. He/she/it, altus/bolshevik-dick/utardia, whatever and whomever, never presents all the facts; never presents the truth of who said what; never presents all the variables; never gives a correct representation of what he/she/it refers to, and certainly never isolates cause and effect; and cannot present any data because there is none.

There is no evidence for anything except computer generated estimates, that haters of mankind and science fabricate.

So, without even looking, I can tell that dimwit libby “writer” is lying.

You, my fellow Americans, can look for yourselves. You, my dear fellow citizens can look at any claim any liberal ever makes, that favors government intervention, regulation, registration and control. You can determine for yourselves if all the variables are included. If not, it is a test with a higher margin of error than margin of credibility. Without data the margin of error is infinity while the margin of reality is non-existent. Welcome to dem/lib la-la-land.

Why do these frauds lie to YOU, me? What line, factor or qualifier did lying liberal misfit “forget” to include? What variable or factor, or end of sentence did libby lout conveniently dismiss because it did not fit his/her/its agenda?

What is the liberal agenda, anyway?

The minority, liberals and democrat political elitists, want more than their share. How do we know this? They want their minority voice to rule above the voices of the majority. History refers to this as tyranny, monarchy, communism, fascism and other forms of elitist rule. It is no small matter that small groups reign over the masses. It is extremely significant, as the history of every country, nation, and community reveals that most humans will live off the labor of others (see Frederick Bastiat, The Law). America is no different. In every community, state or nation there are always those that will exploit others.

It is one thing to forcibly enslave others, quite another thing to lie and mislead others to a docile acceptance of a comfortable yolk.

This comfortable yolk, as history always proves, never stays comfortable. Proof is right before us, irrefutably part of the fabric and history of the struggle for freedom of the great American Constitutional Republic.

The democrat party is this machine of fraud and deception, to lead Americans, the vast majority, to a comfortable slavery. We are already in a form of comfortable slavery but those with no qualifications (democrats and liberals) “believe” they should have the reins of reign. Liberal lies start right at home. Liberals tell themselves they deserve more because they have something better in their characters. Usually it is the inane idea that because they do not “need” a god, they are inherently better, and “nicer”. The irony, incidentally, is that they work very hard to destroy god for others, in their own minds, and think the reality is proven by their imaginations. By this consideration they are less than human.

I, myself am atheist, but do not belittle other’s beliefs, unless the beliefs are fraudulent and exploitive, such as liberal, democrat party religion.

The core, the foundation of the democrat party is fraud and exploitation. The democrat party intends to rule the majority, as an elite group of smarter, evolved beings, that are actually dumb and de-evolved to instinctual, animalistic behavior. Witness for yourselves, my dear fellow citizens, quick tempers of liberals to attack conservatives and republic minded citizens with cruelty and open hatred because their fake superiority; their lacking superiority does not magically, unquestionably win discussion or arguments. They lose because they are inferior.

The reason for the hatred is not apparent. Every day on Craigslist some fraud, an agent of tyranny, or mutt-mind attacks me with no reference to a crime, offense or lie I have committed. I simply refute the lies of others, and refer to history and fact. Someone does not want history and fact known. Why?

So, this attack on myself, personally, is executed for no reason except that I express the will of We, the People (in the majority), and voice my opinion freely. Freedom of others without imposition by rulers, angers the liberals so much they want to shut me up. They always resort to cruel verbal assault, never a point to express the benefits of democrat party rule; never a point to show representation of those they intend to rule.

The cruel and unfounded attack on anyone that presents an opinion or desire related to individual and national freedom is reviled excessively, because it counters democrat party agenda: deceive and mislead to impose dictatorial rule, upon the masses, beginning with comfortable slavery.

The liars must continually skirt their agenda, their so-called ideology because it opens doors of knowledge for the masses that have potential to expose the cruel, tyrannical efforts of the democrats and liberals.

I invite any democrat, liberal, or progressive; anyone to offer an argument with more than superficial promises they cannot keep. Please, someone show me the error of my ways. Reveal to me the economics of stealing more and more from the masses to give them more. Please, reveal to me how taking liberties from OUR guaranteed list of liberties, as found in the Bill of Rights, makes us freer, more responsible, better, kinder, or better off in any way. How does taking our liberties give us more liberty?

Show us, please; please present an argument that goes beyond empty, “…hope and change…”. Show us how democracy beyond its capacities of self-governing, makes America safer, more secure, healthier and wealthier. Wealth? YES. Independence is wealth. Wealth is independence. Wealth and independence is security.

The problem, to return to my point about comfortable slavery, is that it never stays comfortable.

History proves, every time, that ruler law and comfortable slavery always degrade to iron-fisted oppression, genocide, and war to eliminate internal strife.

The agenda of the democrat party is to establish itself as an unchallenged oligarchy, and reduce the masses to poverty. This assertion follows the natural flow of mankind’s tendencies.

Monopoly is always innate to survival. Monopoly is instinctual and cognitive. There has never been a ruler that did not watch his or her back for sedition and/or rebellion in close government ranks. How many hundreds, thousands, of rulers throughout history have reigned short terms and lives, ended by close administrators? Survival at the top requires removal of enemies, and potential enemies: monopoly.

The democrat party, liberals, progressives and lobby groups all want this monopoly for their own security. They care not what price others pay, or are forced to pay.

Others have learned from history, ignoring the success of the great American Constitutional Republic, that joining the side of the governing class, through the few means available, does increase one’s lifestyle and survivability. It is a fraud beyond compare that totalitarian rule benefits anyone except the few, literally a handful.

“Writer” mentions conservatives and republicans identify climate change, ”…is that everyone know(s) that climate change is a big lie put out by the liberals to save the planet.” 

Who believes climate change is a lie to trick We, the People into saving the planet? Nobody believes that but millions believe the dem/libs have lied to trick the masses into surrendering rights to a government solution for a fake science propaganda campaign.

“Everyone” does not know what “writer” hopes others will ignorantly accept as truth. Nothing, even dimwit’s sneaky attempt to reinforce a bogus verity by stating it sarcastically, has any conclusive scientific backing. At what point in this observation and science process do dem/lib, global hoaxers inject any science?

Mankind can adjust, and that is what self-governing is. Checks and balances, as found in The Constitution, individual freedoms and security as guaranteed in The Bill of Rights, and separation of powers for, believe it or not, individual rights and freedoms, are the only things keeping all equal before the law. There is no other equality.

What this means is that the dem/lib agenda is really no secret. All history, all evidence from past civilizations shows this degradation to tyranny. It is what the founding fathers spoke of, and for which they instilled checks and balances: checking government.

The liberal/democrat party agenda is as plain as the full moon. Look up, my fellow citizens, and see it for what it is. Compare it against the light of constitutional republic, the balance of individual rights and majority rule; the balance of federal tyranny and states’ rights; the balance of left-wing tyranny and right wing anarchy (the original delineations). Show us; reference any word spoken by a democrat politician that speaks of or defends any of the aforementioned individual guarantees and freedoms. 

What we see with liberals and the democrat party is that change is inevitable, but they constantly try to force change upon others: change they engineer and from which only they benefit.

Again, can a single liberal or democrat politician provide fundamental, principled historical backing for socialism being a beneficial institution for the majority of the citizenry of any country? Did ruthless Russian bolshevism/communism provide freedoms and leisure for Russians, or did it slaughter 30 to 40 million people? Did Maoist communism provide freedoms and security for the Chinese or did it eliminate approximately 60 million people?

More recently we witness the absolute degradation of Venezuelan life and civility because of the irrefutable failure of socialism forced upon Venezuelans. Venezuelans are eating their pets and zoo animals. An oil producing country cannot buy oil now.

Socialism is protectionism. Monopoly tries to protect what it has by continually destroying competition. In unchecked government it is called legislation.

Please, tell us how protectionism works in favor of both the masses and industrialists (see Bastiat, “What is Seen and What Is Not Seen”).

Some commentary with historical data, other than democrat party lies, would certainly help elucidate a cause and effect reason to be forced to social engineering at the hands of those that cannot elucidate an argument beyond hate, but the dem/libs avoid and must avoid all real communication, so no dissertation or elucidation to any degree will ever be forthcoming.

We don’t see Christians forcing their will on others. They coax, intreat, invite and send out missionaries to preach and teach. But there is no religious/political union to force and impose upon the masses as there is with the liberal, dogmatic, religious/political force.

Liberals, progressives, the whitehouse caliphate (Obama administration), and the democrat party proper all work and deceive, lie and fabricate to force change that benefits ruler law in the hands of the democrat party politically elite, at the expense of the masses.

Change is inevitable, but dem/lib/commies have no desire to contribute to mankind by changing themselves to work with others. They would rather force, upon others, controlled change with inherent exploitation.

One such forced change, with built in exploitation, for example, is federal taxation. Taxation, indubitably, is change. It changes the majority’s ability to survive by taking from the majority the fruits of its own labor, and giving it to the ruling minority that distributes based on the ruling minority’s needs: first and always foremost, themselves. This is the hidden fist of ruthlessness and ruler’s law in the democrat party regime. This is the warning conservatives, republic-minded citizens, specifically tea party representatives today, all the way back to our founding fathers, have tried to present to America, Americans, and the world.

We, the People, have control of the fist of ruthless rule, but we are unaware of the ruthless control of our lives that slithers its way into our lives. We cannot identify the pretenses or beneficence of the democrat party because the rhetoric and overwhelming promotion of pretentious just causes and dishonest means propagated endlessly by the democrat party and allies, eventually moves We, the People to relax our grip on ruthless rule.

Forced change, by deception, fraud, and fabrication, IS the democrat party; is democracy.

The change may appear to be comfortable, but it is currently only partially comfortable and cannot mysteriously get any more comfortable, except for the monopolizers of power and force. The liberal media lies about conditions constantly. But the greater danger is not that change is inevitable and that comfortable slavery could somehow, out of anyone’s control, degrade to oppression and genocide of Americans. The greater danger is that it is the very plan of those in the democrat party and their adherents and masters. It is their plan to monopolize power: to force poverty on the masses so that the masses cannot rise up in revolt, thus securing the political elite’s monopoly, wealth, and luxury.

This move to totalitarian control is no mystery. It is no fabrication or theory. These things are never mentioned by liberals, progressives, or democrat party politicos because it educates the masses to the democrat party conspiracy that intends to force America and Americans to total slavery.

As I have stated before, do not be afraid of this word, conspiracy”. It is a part of life. When two people talk about meeting at the mall and doing some shopping, they conspire. 

Part of the communication problem is that “writer’s” lie is complex. It does not represent a smart liar, rather an instinctual level of diabolical cognition. The “writer”, like most, if not all liberals and progressives, is animalistic in that he/she/it cannot exert human virtues and characteristics: faith, trust, and patience being three that separate conscionable beings from instinctual animals.

Show me, my fellow human beings, a part of “writer’s” post that reveals trust in my words from the perspective of historical truth? Can liberal maniac not admit, find a common point? Never has a liberal critic of my posts, “granted” me one point, one truth, or one fact. There is no compromise in animalistic, monopolizing: only total propagation of tyranny.

The truth of the Constitutional Republic, for example, is irrefutable, but the principles instilled place “writer’s” monopolizing desires in jeopardy, so the liberals never speak of Constitutional Republic, for example, in a truthful manner. They cannot allow truth to be attached to anything because truth reveals the dem/lib/bolshevik fraud.

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