RE:” Inheritance Tax and Estate taxes.

RE:” Inheritance Tax and Estate taxes.
Once again the liberal dimwit tries to sneak blatant lies and fraud past trusting Americans.
I spoke in general terms and dimwit tried to “act” smart, as libbies do. Dimwit should have clarified the differences between Inheritance Tax and Estate tax. Again, either the lying liberal traitor is just stupid, or he/she/it is pulling numbers out of his/her/butt to create an impact, to manipulate people.
Was that 5.2 million, billion, or trillion? Is that fabrication like the same “writer” stated some time ago that Reagan created trillions in debt, when the world was not dealing in billions yet? Is that the same liar that tried to tell us that the founding fathers wanted more power in the presidency? Is it ironic that they created checks and balances to keep power out of the hands of a single person- ie president, or small group?
What a lying piece of rat-crap. Again, here I am correcting the stupidity and refuting the lies of an agent provocateur that hopes to manipulate others to slavery at the hands of the centralized democrat party politburo.
If dimwit, as it appears, is trying to educate We, the People, myself, included, why not educate us regarding the differences and the actual tax laws?
Again, liars premeditate their gains and required lies, conditional upon the victims they have already chosen. Liberals, democrat NAZIs have already chosen the masses of America as their victims/slaves, and need Americans to remain ignorant.
My points stand, unchallenged by any libby because a lie is NOT an argument.
The republicans are never trying to throw out fair law. It is never unfair when it represents the will of we the people. Where did this fraud get the idea that We, the People make bad laws? If we the People make law, it is fair. END of discussion.
The logistics of the current laws were increased by a dictator, obama. He illegally and in total disregard for We, the People, especially We, the majority, dictated an increase from 40 to 60 percent. There is no argument whether it be bad or good. That bastard has no authority or moral/ethical grounds for criminal dictates. Is that fair?
Why is it libbies never talk about fairness when it comes to obama breaking fair laws, like our laws that keep foreign workers from invading our economy and driving wages for Americans down?
Why does dimwit not speak of issues that are destroying America now, such as illegal destruction of immigration laws by obama, illegal destruction of free market economy laws by obama, and illegal destruction of laws regarding states’ rights when it comes to policing.
Obama and the elitist democrat party, right now, are plotting to place federal military/police rule throughout America. It was just a matter of time until someone found an incident the racist pig obama could exploit. Obama’s fingerprint is not directly on the Baltimore problem, but he/it is involved though Valerie Jarrett.
My point, as usual, is that “writer”/ap1313 is purposely deceptive, actually fabricating lies to mislead Americans to trust evil, sick, twisted monsters in the central democrat NAZI politburo. None of what he/she/it has posted is truth: liars quoting lies of fellow liars for pretentious credibility. Traitors, all of them.

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