Truth and injustice for Michael Brown:

Without an honest search for and acceptance of truth there is no justice for Michael Brown. In reality there can be no justice for Michael Brown. The justice we seek, and the purpose of justice is to insure deterrence for future effects of the cause.

There will never be justice for the other Michael Browns to follow if effect is not attached to the correct cause. Justice is not preemptive so we cannot create justice for no crimes committed. It is a fallacy that we can create justice for the future Michael Browns, without acceptance of the cause of the effect.

This justice depends on how the people decide to see Michael Brown. If they choose to see Michael Brown as a victim who just happened to trip and rob a store: a suffering victim who accidentally initiated violence and resistance for cause of his own making; a victim who accidentally found a gun lying around in another’s holster, and decided to exempt himself from lawful constraints, then there will be no justice and no prevention for other Michael Browns.

How do we address the problem of an unauthorized hand reaching into another’s property to take a gun that belongs to a representative of OUR law, if we do not see it; if we ignore it? How can we stop the hand of the next Michael Brown from unauthorized taking of another’s property? If you do not see the reality, you will never see the just and fair results of the actual causes.

Michael Brown committed numerous crimes in the process of bringing lawful response upon himself, and others also will unless you and those in charge of justice see the reality and truth.

The truth is that Michael Brown reached where he should not have reached. Michael Brown seized upon another’s property: attempted theft. Michael Brown resisted arrest that would have executed justice in the field and delivered Brown to justice in the courts. Brown committed the crime of threatening by word and action, reaching for a weapon that showed his intent and commitment to criminal activity. Michael Brown committed the crime of assault. All these things are not the actions of a victim.

Michael Brown tried to act above the law, with a representative of the law, hired to execute the law, and Michael Brown paid for his crimes immediately and to a degree far greater than he would have, had he not committed crimes that led to other crimes, and resistance to law for accountability to his crimes.

All crimes committed were done so by Michael Brown, and he paid dearly  for his own actions, with his own demise.

Who is next?

Who is next, if reality is not addressed?

How do we stop the hand of the next Michael Brown from attempted theft, assault and murder if we do not face the facts of this case honestly?

Do we spend time and money attacking ownership and representation of the law, or do we ask questions such as why young black males die by the thousands every year? Is there something in the way they live their lives that can be changed? Why are people so distracted from the cause and effects? Why are some people trying to change things that will not make a difference for the future Michael Browns? 

I can be cruel and say that Michael Brown, a thug, thief and violent criminal got what he deserves. Michael Brown’s pain is done, gone, non existent now, but the residual pain belongs to others: others who will experience the same if the causes are not addressed. Misdirected effort addressing the wrong cause of twisted effects is the problem. For whom do the protestors and media rage now, themselves?

This event affects every American because the corrupt media and lobby groups, and black puppet masters want it that way.

We can lament the loss of another young black male to the oppressive white male, if it were true. But in spite of twisted media and exploitive politicians and public figures: political whores who twist cause to injure the innocent, most of America knows the truth but is held hostage to the cause and effect misalignment of those laying disconnected blame.

The white male, not only is not to blame, but the white male is being vilified for crimes not committed by those males.

Imaginary crimes hide the reality, and those who point twisted and maiming fingers at others are to blame: and to be blamed for the next Michael Browns.

There will be more.

What the dem/libs and black puppeteers want is for black citizens, regular working people, to not know that white America laments the loss of another young black male, another fellow American: an American first but black only to users and exploiters of mankind. Most Americans see all others as Americans first, but the exploiters and users of others’ energy and lives work to suppress that reality, for their own gain.

Even as I write this, that “white America “ laments the loss, I feel sick to my stomach that I am forced to identify color identity exists. It is that way because a very small minority of manipulative liars and exploiters who avoid; who distract and deflect from cause, want it that way.

Michael Brown, to me, and almost all Americans, was a wayward youth, who was not held accountable through various levels of criminal activity, reported as a career criminal, as he was, because unaccountability causes escalation.

Those who distract and deflect from the reality and use “race” as a tool, are partially guilty of Brown’s death, but will be more guilty of future deaths of similar circumstances.

The black puppeteers use pain, anger, and misinformation to extort black Americans to do foolish things.

Ignoring the facts; facts the Grand Jury had to accept, is the dem/lib, distraction, deflection, color-fabrication, and cause-and-effect fracture at work.

The black puppeteers and dem/libs want anger and emotion ruling the black population because it keeps them ignorant and exploitable. They want it for all Americans.

There is anger and pain in the whole of America but the black agitators, democrat politicians, and lying liberal media do not want Americas’ pain known. There is outrage in the whole of America, in the whole American society, but who is addressing the cause honestly and who is torturing and mutilating reality?

An agenda always takes people away from the truth, unless it is the agenda of discovering, knowing, and living by truth: cause and effect.

Many refute the idea that Michael Brown was acting criminally. Some claim he was driven to extremes. Was he driven to an extreme to reach for a police officer’s gun, another’s property?

Was Brown “driven” to an extreme when simple obedience to an officer of OUR law, would have changed everything? Was Brown driven to many steps in disobedience and premeditated danger to another, others, and that he magically did not know this reality?

How can anyone know what was in Brown’s mind, enough to claim he was not in the process of extricating himself from an accountability situation with the intended harm of another, and fully cognizant of the danger and destruction he planned to inflict upon another, and others. Brown had already inflicted pain and assault on another, so it was generally accepted he was quite prepared to do the same to the officer of OUR law, and others who would follow.

Brown’s demeanor and desires were then, and are today, irrefutably obvious and anyone who says otherwise is deflecting, distracting and torturing and mutilating truth.

The liberal misfits want to blame something other than themselves for Michael Brown’s death, and expect others to turn a blind eye to the truths of this case, and so many others, as they do.

Who is responsible for Michael Brown’s young demise, society? Why? Why is society blamed for so many anomalies and crimes society did not commit? Who is responsible? Brown is responsible for his own actions.

Who is responsible for the next deaths that surely will follow the disconnect of cause and effect?

Will the liberals and demented politicians who deflect and distract be held accountable for misleading Americans to disconnected results they themselves bring upon themselves? Those who distract, deflect, scourge and mutilate truth: the cause and effect they tried to blame on the innocent, are irrefutably responsible to some degree, but those they blame are not.

A tsunami just hit the coast and some look at waves as being the problem. Others claim it is underwater currents that cause big waves. Liberals protest and lobby to make big waves and underwater currents illegal. Meanwhile many see waves as a result of bigger problems: the problem of underwater ocean floor mining, that dem/libs cause. Moving earth underwater causes underwater earthquakes, which cause tsunamis, but the liberals, who actually gain by the demise of coastal areas, employment in disaster management, deflect, distract, torture and mutilate truth. Liberals blame a particular tsunami on a big wave they saw two years ago, thinking, hoping beyond rationale that the two are related. When questioned they blame a different wave, and then a different one, and then another and another, until the search for the cause is lost.

Dem/libs definitely deflect and distract from all truth because one truth leads to another. This is obvious with the crazy, unsubstantiated stories and causes dem/libs identify, whites, for example, as the cause of one American black man’s sociopathy and disconnect from cause-and-effect.

The tsunami of death that will follow will be the bloody hands of dem/libs, progressives and demon-crat politicians. If the causes can be identified honestly, and change effected, the results of deaths that will surely follow and threaten all Americans can be halted.

But death will follow because people lie for reason, and the reason unbeknownst to almost all, is that the dem/libs want the death, destruction, chaos and division they propagate, otherwise they would not knowingly lie about the causes and effects. They know. Dem/lib deflections, distractions, torture and mutilation of cause-and-effect: an actual attack on truth, is the direct cause of impending and unstoppable societal destruction.

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