Tamara gump Holder was on Hannity radio November 25, 2014, speaking and lying as usual. She claimed she had respect for the Grand Jury’s decision in Ferguson and then quickly abandoned that idea and pressed her own political agenda, revealing she had no respect for the Grande Jury decision or the Grande Jury itself. What a lying piece of rat filth.

I have claimed for years now that Gump Holder is a moral retard, with nothing honest or substantial to offer the human race. I have claimed many things regarding Gump Holder, but for now will set that aside and deal with a few comments made on Hannity’s radio program on the aforementioned day.

Gump Holder’s words, in regards to Ferguson Grand Jury decision, “We are all responsible for this situation.”

I want to know how “we” are all responsible for Michael Brown’s assault on a police officer. How are “we” all responsible for Michael Brown’s crime of robbery? How are “we” all responsible for the other crimes and assaults Michael Brown may have committed? How are we all responsible for this situation, in any way?

Is Gump Holder’s claim an outright lie, manipulation, fabrication or fantasy? Why would gumpy make that statement? How much time did gumpy spend enlightening listeners to the unique and fair justice system in America? How much time did she spend lending support to justice for all, equality before the law or anything that represents the strength of OUR Constitutional Republic, innocence until proven guilty, presumption of innocence, and OUR legal/justice system? Mere seconds, and then, with no capacity for introspection, unfailingly moved to her agenda: democrat party tyranny.

Is it possible gumpy lies to Hannity and the listeners? It is not possible, it is an absolute reality and inevitability. In fact it did not take long, mere seconds only, for gumpy to abandon reality and move to delusional self-indulgence.

Tamara, Forest Gump, Holder is the same whore that admitted, on another Hannity program, referencing a male she was seen with, that he was just a boy toy. Where has morality gone in America? Where has commitment, decency, propriety, and integrity gone? Why do imbecile “conservatives” give credibility to whores, liars and trailor-trash tyranny like gump-holder? Hannity is a default liberal, only.

How many seconds did gumpy spend on the veracity and fairness of the trial? She lied right to Hannity, to all Americans listening, when she claimed she respected that decision, and then proved she didn’t.

She has no respect for the law. She purposely redirected the completed effective function of a grand jury and prosecutor so she could do what Nazees and Commies always do: threaten poeople for others’ crimes.

Tamara gump holder had the lying audacity to say that the problems in ferguson are everybody’s fault. The fascists and commies, at the height of their murderous oppression, threatened people with violence and jail for others’ crimes. When people were afraid of what would happen to relatives if they did something wrong, it is the very opposite of punishment of a crime with punishment fitting the crime. Gump Holder blamed me for racism (that was not a factor) in ferguson . How dare that filthy lying whore blame me for racism. I had a black roommate. He was a pig, a slob, a lying whore monger but he was all that because he was all that, not because he was black.

Gump-holder offers ten seconds of lip service to the job of the grand jury then attacks me for being a racist and contributing to that situation, created by blacks.

How dare that filthy pig Tamara gump Holder lie to my America. I have friends, the kindest, most unassuming, humble friends that would never harm any creature. How dare that slut blame these nice, kind ladies of making that Ferguson debacle a political fracas for la-la-land libs.

It is over, it is done. why the political moves by gumpy? She is a liar.

She has a hidden agenda. Like always there is a near-hidden variable she is trying o keep hidden. The deflection process includes giving credit as a facade and then quickly moving to that which serves herself. What a whore!

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