Dem/lib powers of comprehension are like the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugsy the bulldog and the little pup cruise the neighborhood together. Sylvester the cat is cornered and backed into a stacked culvert tube, out of sight. Defending himself he closes his eyes and swipes with extended claws at the two bullying dogs. While neither of the dogs are looking, the hidden tiger reaches out with a massive paw and very long claws and swipes at the big dog. The big dog is sliced into strips and Sylvester looks at his own paw and wonders how it happened. In spite of obvious reality, in the very palm of his paw, Sylvester believes he has cut the bulldog to shreds. It is delusion not unlike that of the dem/lib/NAZIs that cannot comprehend that in the same way the hidden tiger just sliced them to pieces. The hidden tiger is not the apparent obama ideology.

Like a liberal that cannot connect reality with the obvious instruments of reality, Sylvester believes he did the damage. When it does not work in a real situation Sylvester is bewildered, and makes no change according to reality. He gets beat up by the little dog.

So the little dog, or tiger (in reality- We, the People of the majority), took a swipe at the democrats, and slaughtered them, and the democrats look at their puny claws and fake growl and plastic strengths of moral character, and wonder what went wrong. Are they dumb cats and stupid bulldogs, like the cartoon? No, not that smart.

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