On the Charlie Rose talk show, October 26, 2012, Pelosi stated, “The most important thing you can do for growth is to invest in education.”

In my opinion, the cliché of ‘investing in education’ is socialist dogma. It is propagated fraud and disingenuously passed for principle. Has anyone followed the bouncing dollar through education? Why does the public believe this cliché? In everything, follow the dollars.

Nancy Pelosi’s words, spoken like a true dem/lib raider of productive people’s resources and gains, was not questioned by Chucky Rose. To allow lies to propagate is a crime against civility. Crimes that result in loss (taxes), eviction (IRS), Obamacare (genocide- have YOU read the 2700 pages?) are crimes against humanity. What is Chucky reporting? The dogma that education creates a civilized society has been dogmatized for over a century. Utah is one state that fought public education, and held out the longest. The law, wherein a few forced their decisions upon many that resisted, used force. Study the history of forced public education in America, read the dogma of “educators” and “leaders” and it sounds like communism propagating its wonderful, fake utopia.

Dem/libs know that any idea can be expanded, any fraud and lie can be expanded from a well established lie to more encompassing and overwhelming impositions. The dem/libs use this decalogue to expand their false ideas. The establishment media today is the well spring of accepted deception and organized theft.

Let us take a look at the dollar that is spent sending a child to university. Consider the expenses.

Consider savings by two working adults over 20 years, to send a child to a school of higher education, compared to spending the same amount on property and
Twenty thousand dollars spent on higher education is a loss, for the most part. When a trade of goods and services transpires something of value is exchanged. A purchase of a car for 20,000, for example, provides jobs for others, sends cash through an economy in a free market system that is NOT fraught with fraud or inefficiency, and it provides unquestionable benefits, one being ownership of property.

There is absolutely nothing produced by education, except taxation for costs, forced upon the public.

 Education is NOT efficient. Setting aside the real measures of education, there is no gain, no goods produced, and no exchange of goods and services. The education “trade in goods and services” is a sacrifice of real property for air, for thought, for a puff of smoke that provides nothing substantial, solid or useable. The same, so-called gains in education can be acquired by apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship is a long gone economic exchange. Today it has been replaced by mentor-ship: slave labor. Slave labor of mentorship has two aspects. One being the actual effort expended for the gains of the mentor, and the other more significant aspect, less noticed, is the required commitment to ideology where government controls the programs. Democrats and liberals use the mentorship program to a fuller political end than republicans. Dem/libs use mentorship to indoctrinate the young beneficiaries to further ideological/class slavery.

Make no mistakes about this reality of institution controlled by the dem/lib political machinery to gain forced volunteers. The systems are designed to infiltrate institutions for gains for people in office.

 Suppose all students that entered college graduated. How many sociologists would flood the market? Make no mistakes join this point either: it is a market. What jobs are available for sociologists? How many teaching, psychologist, economist, or nursing jobs are available to graduates? Higher education fills a much larger role than education.

The hard sciences such as physics, chemistry, math, engineering, biology, still produce more graduates, factoring in drop-out rates, than needed. Is that money wasted? Some argue yes, others argue no. Who benefits with student failure rates and why are these high rates not addressed and corrected? The education systems themselves require large failure rates to continue the pretentious necessity of higher education. The biggest gains of educational systems are for political provisions and, even greater gains are realized for the institutions themselves.

 Let us suppose a store owner hires someone to merchandise goods. There is a measurable relationship between hiring and profit. The same relationship does not exist in the education system. There is no profit relationship between hiring and profit. The relationship is totally internal. The profit gained by the institution is almost absolutely that which the student injects: that which the institution must exact and extract from the student. Furthermore, there is no tracking of gains the student makes when leaving institutions of higher education. If there were, I suspect, the fraud of institutional education would be exposed.

In fact I would add there is no value-added gains for higher education because there is no real competition and, hence, no way to make comparisons. How many engineers without degrees from higher education institutions can be compared to engineers with degrees? There is no available data to show engineers with degrees from educational institutionsIn earn more or less than engineers without degrees from institutions of higher education.

There is no measurable relationship between money spent educating a “worker” in any variety because the institutions have created a monopoly. The monopoly is always dangerous when forced to cooperate and “produce” under the aegis of government. We call this fascism and it is closely related to the same processes of communism. Some refer to it by a less auspicious title, socialism, as if there is some element of social production or gain. over a real free market system of meeting needs for specialists.

There is a unique profit from education: for those that knowingly or in ignorance exploit future “workers”. The biggest profits derive from direct exchange of money for education.

The house Mr. and Mrs. Jones mortgaged for a second time to pay for a chance of a 15% success rate in a business venture, is a bad investment. Welcome to higher education. The Joneses would never engage such a risk against real property

 Of course politicos will argue that education is paramount to the growth of the student. It is a lie upon which many arguments are won without challenge. Most money spent in education goes up in smoke. Most students are educated in systems but few truly learn.

Listen to Pelosi, Obama, and Jim Matheson and recognize the talk of commendable efforts to educate the youth are based upon unchallenged presumptions and economic fallacies. It is magic how classical conditioning sets morons free; free of reality and its consequences. But it does not.

 Is the debt quotient high with education, and to whom are the educated in debt? Is debt slavery or not?

The most destructive aspect is parents’ imposed responsibility, to the institutions of education, that appear as commitments to their children. These imposed commitments to institutions appear as commitments to children while they ultimately waste and squander resources, wealth and security. Why is a parent responsible for a child’s education? Who says, besides the bankers, educators and politicos, that spending real profit and fruit of labor on a child’s education is a valued parental responsibility? Who says, but the institutions that gain, that this imposed responsibility makes good citizens from foolish investments? Where is the connection? Non-existent.

Who gains, the student? No. Most money spent on higher education (including high school) is a waste. Why? Because learning is learning. Learning is NOT teaching. The best teachers receive no accoldaes or recognition when teaching rocks. Education has no real connection for students when it is disconnected by the fake morality of higher education, and worse when it is further disconnected by another’s payment. This IS why government wants to “help” students go to college. The loss and inevitable debt and disconnection to reality produces de-educated slaves and transfers wealth from parents for air, paper, and empty unfulfilled wishes.

Most money spent by parents, giving up real property, is worse than an investment loss. In all public education institutions the losses never measured are tragedies experienced in ways never mentioned.

The social, familial and mental disruptions and losses are not measured nor mentioned by the institutions, naturally.

Where do children learn about drugs? School. Where do children pick up diseases? School. Where do children acquire social maladies, such as cheating, lying, and anti-social behavior? School.

At best, 10% of graduates work in their chosen field of study. Who then, gains from money spent on a 90% chance of failure? In a real free market situation money parents set aside for their children’s education would not be considered investment capital. It is not spoken of as investment except in ethereal terms because of the manipulation of institutions and the establishment political ravaging that plagues Americans.

Even wild-cat oil drillers don’t invest with that poor risk of loss.

 Education, considering the overall numbers of invested students, and the poor successes following graduates, produces worse success rates. The hard professions, so few actually, have success in procuring work in the field of study, but it is such a small percentage of the population of students, that too is a dismal failure. How many new engineers, doctors, nurses, and dentists and a few other high profile professions successfully enter the workforce?

The word itself, “workforce”, is dogmatic, carefully established in every society, to describe and identify the sub-elite, the stable, non-moving non-political class of the tapped, tagged and taxed masses. Public education, in reality, entertains 99%. Who is the one percent? Are there connections to the rich one percent Obama speaks of? Absolutely.

Let us also consider the profession of teaching. There is nothing else so well devolved today that fails so purely (next to politicos and government agents) than teachers. Teaching is self-perpetuating, and a drain, producing little more than talk, air, and paper.

There is very little actually produced as a result of education, and less produced intrinsically in education. How is this a viable investment? Do we measure success by production or potential production? Who is education not subjected to the same standards of success that the “workplace” experiences?

 Next we must speak of the lies built upon this grass-roots fraud the dem/libs and most republicrats proffer.

Have we all heard ads and politicians speak of higher education being a parental responsibility? Who mentions this except those who gain financially? The question, then, follows, is it truly a parent’s responsibility to surrender real gains, profits and property for ethereal hope? How have come to believe this? Who placed in our minds and the pblic mind that it is the parents responsibility to pay for students faiklure?

Again, who gains? Banks, taking real cash in exchange for slavery, are the winners. Public liars (politicians) are always excited about creating dependency because it is slavery. It is organized, transfer of wealth to nothing, fostered by politicos, iconized by politicos, while it is the political class and their friends who line their pockets with collected cash that “should” go to real education.

Obama’s friends made a killing these last four years, and teachers that do nothing except sell false hope in exchange for indirect gains through forced volunteerism in the failing education market, acquire real property.

We must surely visit the issue of the how government “people”, hardly people in reality, have fastened chains, though unions and regulations, around the necks of all educators and their allies in the political class.

Has anyone ever though to question, check, or ask what percentage of ‘more education investments’ goes to paying for better educators? From where do we acquire this idea that the also acclaimed importance of ‘better skilled teachers’ deserves increases in education spending?

What skills do teachers have that others, including parents do not? I would argue the only skill that “better skilled teachers” have is information accessibility.

There seems to not only be a clear discrepancy in the taxation increases, promised for education, that actually gets to education, as opposed to the educators.

Some of the presumptions built upon education misinformation is that higher education makes skilled workers. Wrong! When so few graduate, we must look more at the failure rates that are absolutely, infinitely, more revealing about the poor investment results that affect vast majorities, as a result of failure to make skilled “workers”

 Apprenticeship programs have been with mankind since the dawn of time and have, irrefutably and unquestionably, produced skill.

 Boys working with fathers has transferred skill from generation to generation for millennia.

The fallacy sponsored by the political class and their allies in education, that education is good for an economy; that it produces growth, is far from the truth.

 There is economic growth in education and almost no growth from education in the work place or free market. An economy does not growth without real production.

The next argument dem/libs and con/repubs make for education is that it is a moral responsibility. How is a failure, a moral, in any way? How is taking trillions from Americans to give billions to a single player in the auto industry, fair and economically balanced? Apply the same to higher education and we see, irrefutably, that the political force and educational profession dwell and thrive in our failed education economy.

How can we witness education, and related industries somehow skirting the issue of economic failure? Why do we allow a political and educational class, a minority of overpaid blackmailers, to claim education is a moral duty to throw the masses’ property away for twisted hope of mass failure for the few the elite identify and promote?

What of the violation, mentally and financially of students themselves?

 Are we aware of the results of education: transfer of wealth, poor skill acquisition (reading, for example), poor communication skills forced upon students through social escapes, pregnancies and abortions that destroy the female conscience.

 There is much to be discussed, and much to be discarded regarding education and higher education.

A further investigation and dissection of the subversive efforts by change agents in the education systems, must be exposed. Look for further commentary regarding public and higher eduction.

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