A casino technician in the camera bank control room notices a glitch in the film, an interruption in the movement of one of the craps players. He calls the crew supervisor. “Hey Stan, watch this.”

“What?”, Stan asks as he turns to the video surveillance counter.

Mark presses the play button and the video clip rolls for 10 seconds, “See?”.

Slightly irritated Stan replies, “What?”

Mark persists, “Watch this.”

Stan leans in slightly, clipboard in left hand, both hands on hips, and stares at the screen. The clip rolls again and Mark pushes back from his hunched position at the keyboard and display. He points at a precise moment and excitedly says, “There, did you see it?”

Stan slowly breathes out, “Whaaat? You want me to look at a glitch in the video?”

Mark replies, “Didn’t you see? There’s a glitch or something, in this guy’s movements, but nothing else.” Stan straightens, hands still on hips, looking intently at the screen.

“Okay,” coaxes Mark, “let me slow it down and you tell me what’s happening here.” The video plays at half speed and Mark points, “watch that guy.” Stan watches with some indifference. Mark continues, “Now we roll it again and watch the others through the same clip. Did you see it? He misses or, or he moves faster than the video or… something. Something’s whacky.”

Stan listens, thinks for a moment and says, “Looks like a skip in the tape to me.”

Mark shakes his head, “But there isn’t, it’s just him.”

Stan drops his jaw, flutters his eyes and mocking, quips, “Amaaaazing.”Then he changes his mood from mockery to caution, “You’ve been staring at that crap for too long. You need to get a life.”

Mark whines, “Noooo, This dude moves weird, or something, he IS the glitch. Like he left the film for a second, came back but not in the same spot.”

Stan finally decides more serious patronizing would go a long way with Mark so he takes his hands off his hips, squares his shoulders to the display and suppressing his irritation says, “Okay, show me something.”

Mark takes a breath, flares his nostrils and complains, “There’s nothing wrong with the process. No recording problems, no tape or equipment problems, and nobody else moves…. or skips, just this dude. You know, like in a movie when someone appears out of nowhere and the stillness of everything is a little out of place because no-one can hold still while they wait for the vampire, or whatever, to get in position.” While Mark describes this he presses the play key, and then the pause key until he is almost finished explaining. Then he releases pause and the clip rolls once more. As the clip rolls Stan slowly lowers himself to sit at the display, and remains still, facing the display but still not fully attentive.

While he watches, Mark adds, “I’ve seen this guy before, but he looks younger.” Mark is quiet for the remaining 5 seconds of the clip, and lets it run longer so the distractions of moving, talking or rewinding video tape don’t break Stan’s apparent concentration. Mark thinks he finally has Stan’s attention but Stan’s gaze remains un-focused.

Stan’s thoughts wander briefly, and without renewing his focus on the display protests, “Okay, I see it but…..”. Mark opens his mouth to speak but Stan holds up a hand and continues, “Weird? Maybe. Unusual? Okay, so what?”

Mark, facetiously chides, “Well, it’s not a problem unless more money is going out than coming in, but I guess that doesn’t concern you.” Stan raises an eyebrow and glances at Mark. Mark persists, “Hey, someone’s watching you like you’re watching me. Mark continues, ” I’m just doing my job. A 7 should’ve ended this roll, and it was a 7, then one dice instantaneously changed, as if someone blinked it to a different number. And it’s not isolated.”

“What the heck are you talking about, money going out, Stan protests?”

Mark has already backed up the tape again, points to the time of the skip and says, “Watch the time.” He rolls another tape that looks down on the table and shows everything, including the die. The die roll, stop and one flashes to a different number. Mark pushes his chair back slightly, points excitedly and bursts out, “See, see, that? Look, both are stopped but one changes. It doesn’t roll, doesn’t stop rolling. It just instantaneously changes. Now look! Look at the time. It’s the exact same time as this guy’s skip in the tape.”

Stan, still sitting at the table straightens, looks intently at the display, pats the table with both hands, and with a waver in his own voice says, “No, it’s move……ing. It didn’t stop….it’s.” Catching himself in a ridiculous concurrence with Mark, he maintains with renewed emphasis, “No, it didn’t…. You are just seeing……”

Mark persists more emphatically, “Yeah, and what do you think you see? Both dice stopped, and it’s the exact same time as the skip in that guy’s movement. It was a 7. It’s a 7 and then, then it’s not. He doesn’t lose. But you don’t see it roll because it doesn’t roll.”

Stan shakes his head, stands up, looks away, turns, takes a step, and stops. He turns his upper body ever so slightly, back, towards the video counter and Mark behind him. Now Stan cautions Mark, “What ARE you doing? There’s nothing there. Don’t waste your time on a goofy video glitch, or whatever. Get back to work.”

Now Mark is mad. With hesitant anger Mark warns, “Look, I get paid to catch this stuff. I also get paid to report it and other glitches and weird things, and there’s lots. You need…..”. But he stops as he sees Stan slowly, very purposefully turn.

Stan now turns completely, “Other glitches? More? Same thing?”

Relieved, Mark bursts, “Yeah, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, it’s the same guy, but younger.

Stan now stands straight, puts his hands on his hips, looks intently at the screen and, very convincing, grimaces, “Okay, show me.”

Mark jumps to his own words, “It happens three more times, with the same guy, rolling, and moving. He places a normal bet and the dice stop. One instantaneously changes, and he wins every time. It’s so close but one number shows and bam, you blink because you saw a different number, at first, you think. It’s always one dice that changes the number, always from a 7. It’s so tight but a trained eye, MINE, can definitely see it.” Stan sits at the display and the two men study more tape.

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