I broke my leg. I knew it was broken. I could see discoloring in places that did not receive trauma. Bruising away from the injured area is the first sign of bone damage.

It was a dumb mistake. The gate to the pool area and hot tub was locked. Patrons need a key to get in or out. I was wearing my shorts and did not have my key so I thought I would climb the gate and let myself out. Feet wet, slippery metal, and I slipped and smashed my shin on the top rail. I managed to hold myself and not fall onto my head, but I was in pain as I slowly let myself down the other side. Shooting pain, as I put pressure on my foot, the pain reminded me of another sign of fracture.

It took awhile, a couple days of convalescing on my own, before I decided to get an x-ray to see the extent of the damage. Knowing full well I needed to stay off the leg completely for the bone to fuse, and feeling okay with that, I still thought I should be safe.

I went to a medical clinic/hospital. I was almost walking already, after only two days.

After all the paperwork etc., waiting for an hour, I was finally escorted in for an x-ray. X-rays done and posted as the doctor walked in, and we both could see the damage or lack thereof.

Everyone who has ever watched a doctor movie or television show, knows that a white line is a fracture. It’s true. I have a background in athletic injuries, growth and development, bio-chem, physiology, anatomy, exercise physiology, and more. I also played three (well, 2 and ½) sports in college, often in the therapy room(s) receiving treatment, watching and learning.

There was clearly a white line along the length of the tibia. The doctor looked at the x-rays and said everything looks fine. I said, “You don’t see anything?”, not wanting to coach a doctor, someone who should know. I thought maybe she is blind? No, couldn’t be.

The doctor must have sensed my hesitation because she said we could do more x-rays. I said, “stress test x-rays?” She choked and said, “uh ,yeah, that’s right” (that’s the ticket- no I added that).

I was so amazed at the blindness or stupidity of this doctor that I could not respond. After that I gave up thinking this doctor would know anything and decided I had seen enough, after I walked over and took a closer look to make sure there were no spiral fractures or any tendon insertion or origin damage. I was satisfied and thanked the doctor.

A funny twist to this story is that, on the way out I stopped and wrote a check for the x-ray and services rendered. A month later I got a bill in the mail for x-rays. Was I dreaming? Didn’t I pay that bill? Maybe I should send them a bill for consultation?

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